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  • Road to 2k: Ruy Lopez and Pressure Application

    When I first started out in May 2015, the first thing I wanted to learn was openings.  The reason for this is (from someone who was completely out of the scene 6 weeks ago verse you guys who probably forgot what...

  • The BongCloud Attack: North Korean Bomb Shelter

    This is my new Bongcloud opening, The BongCloud Attack: North Korean Bomb Shelter. I invented it, and I think it did pretty well, lol 

  • How well you know opening names #6

    • Vojtcz
    • Jan 31, 2015, 4:35 AM

    Lets see how well you know opening names ! This time It will be thought to solve because these 3 are really just stupid. Well you will find out how stupid they are soon. But I hope you will have a good fun when...

  • The Bongcloud in Practice

    Recently I was playing some live chess, and I got frustrated because I was trying out an experimental opening 1. c4??. I kept losing. I have come to the conclusion that this opening loses by force. So I decided...

  • The Main Line in the Bongcloud

    I have decided to give this analysis for free to help other players


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