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  • Touch-Move Rule Adventures

    I am probably a lucky guy, because I never had any "touch-move rule" episodes in my whole chess career.  Don't get me wrong, it happened numerous times in my games that either I or my opponent touched a wrong piece at a wrong time, but i... | Read More

  • How To Use Dynamic Diagonals

    People spend too much time reading opening books. There you go, I have said it. Think what you may of this statement, but it seems to me that the chess market is saturated with opening books. So many people will blindly buy a book, add to their ... | Read More

  • Finding Your Real Weaknesses

    I get a lot of letters from members, and though their ratings run the gamut, I do my best to address all ratings as best I can. Today I’ll turn my attention to two players below 1500 : Mr. Prashant1994 and Mr. Rrrtttyyyuuuiii. I&... | Read More

  • No Balance, No Success

    I get countless questions that ask about taste in chess (No, don’t eat the pieces!). Taste, in this case, refers to a preference for positional or tactical situations. (However, if you MUST eat the pieces, please buy a chess cake or a ches... | Read More

  • The Man That Walked By Himself

    The recent departure of IM Emory Tate is a severe blow to American chess. While we have many chess players who are stronger than him and a huge number of chess players who are weaker than him, we'll never have another Emory Tate. In this article... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal Presents: The Wild Winawer

      Most chessplayers adore the great Mikahil Tal. At the humble age of 23, he received the highest honor that a chessplayer can receive: The title of World Chess Champion. However, he was not as well-known for his brilliant career as he was known fo... | Read More

    • P.H. Clarke - Cien miniaturas rusas (capitulo doceavo)

      CAPITULO DOCEAVO FINALES TORMENTOSOS. Todo libro debe llegar a su fin. Cuando este se aproxima, nos preguntamos que conclusiones se pueden sacar del conjunto de partidas que quedan atrás. Puede esperarse algo profundo del estudio de estas min... | Read More

      • Ernestoche
      • | May 1, 2016
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    • Scacchi: guerra di pezzi o lotta politica? (prima parte)

      Era il 20 Luglio 1924; il mondo si avviava verso una nuova forma di gestione delle masse. In Italia, in Germania, nella da poco costituita Unione Sovietica e nei nuovi Paesi sorti dalla caduta degli imperi asburgici si andava concretizzando qu... | Read More

      • Trapwithz
      • | Apr 20, 2016
    • Learning from the Elders, Part 1- Rook on the 7th Rank

      We have all heard about the dangers of allowing the opponent's rook on its seventh rank...I just want to illustrate this point with three games in which the presence of the rook in the 7th rank had a decisive effect in the outcome of the game. The... | Read More

    • Learning from the great Capablanca

      Today, all of a sudden, I got a chess translation idea ! I read this about the well known book by Capablanca :Botvinnik described Chess Fundamentals as the greatest of all books on the gameand I read a few months ago that the original version of t... | Read More

      • achja
      • | Apr 12, 2016

Video Lessons

  • Aagaard, Jacob

    • 23 Reads
    • | 23 Reads

    Jacob Aagaard Madsen, born July 31, 1973, is a Grandmaster (2005) originally from Denmark, but now living in Glasgow, Scotland.  He is usually referred to simply as Jacob Aagaard. He finished 2nd in the 111th Scottish Championship in 2004.  He... Read More »

  • Chernev, Irving

    • 14 Reads
    • | 14 Reads

      Irving Chernev (1900-1981) was born on January 29, 1900 in Priluku, Ukraine   In 1904 (some sources say 1920), Chernev’s family emigrated to Brooklyn, New York.   In 1912, Irving Chernev’s father taught him chess.   In the 1930s, ... Read More »

  • Alatortsev, Vladimir

    • 6 Reads
    • | 6 Reads

    Vladimir Alexeyevich Alatortsev (Alatorcev) (1909-1987), pronounced "a LAH tart sev", was a Russian International Master (1950), International Arbiter (1953),  and Honorary Emeritus Grandmaster (1983).  He was born in Turki, Saratov oblast... Read More »

  • Canada

    • 58 Reads
    • | 58 Reads

    Chess has been played in Canada since at least 1759.  General Sir John Hale and General Wolfe played chess during the taking of Quebec in 1759.  The Montreal Chess Club was founded in 1844.  The Canadian Chess Association (CCA) was ... Read More »

  • Thomas, George Alan

    • 18 Reads
    • | 18 Reads

    George Alan Thomas (1881-1972) was a British chess champion in 1923 and 1934, 7-time British badminton champion (he won 21 British badminton titles between 1903 and 1928),  and quarter-finalist tennis player at Wimbledon (1922).  He play... Read More »