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  • The $35,000 GM Blitz Battle Championship

    Chess.com is launching a new online blitz and bullet chess championship series, with the biggest payout in online history, and three of the world's top chess players have already signed on.  The Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship will be... | Read More

  • The Best Chess Of 2015

    As the calendar turns to 2016, it's time to look back at the best chess of the past year. The year 2015 was a big one for chess. With the creation of the Grand Chess Tour, the chess world had an exciting new super-tournament series to follo... | Read More

  • Nakamura, MVL To Play Death Match Monday

    Two of the best chess players in the world will face off Monday morning in the biggest Chess.com Death Match of all time as American number-one GM Hikaru Nakamura is set to battle French number-one GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. The match will be br... | Read More

  • The Only Certainties: Death Matches And Taxes

    If it feels like we haven't had a Death Match since the early summer, that's because we haven't! Back when GM Maxim Dlugy claimed his title, the days were at their longest and outdoor barbecues were in full swing. But don't fret! As th... | Read More

  • The 12 Most Interesting Chess Players Ever

    Who are the most interesting chess players of all time? It’s an interesting question. Are we talking about the best players ever? Even that’s a tricky thing to define. Are the best players the most accomplished? We could go by supe... | Read More

    • sakr1424

      Warning: watch out for this guy. He has the software capability to take over the board and repeatedly declare himself the winner in bullet chess. I am getting very tired of players disrespectfully making fun of myself and others for pointing these... | Read More

    • My Craziest Bullet Game

      Sometimes in bullet chess when you look over your games, you realise what winning move you could of play, or you could of capture the Queen when it was unprotected. I reason why I'm calling my blog post "My Craziest Bullet Game" is because I thou... | Read More

    • Computer > Books

       Guys, I just want to say that chess books are very helpful. They can show tactics, openings, and common endgames. However, I feel that purchasing a chess.com membership does the job. For only $100/$50 a year, you can receive many features. Firs... | Read More

    • 1st FIDE World Online Women Blitz Championship

      1st FIDE World Online Women Blitz Ch. by Alina L'Ami 12/1/2015 – Flying in from all over the world, the top female online blitz players came to Rome, Italy to fight for the final prize: the title of the First FIDE World Online Women Blitz Cha... | Read More

    • No...More...Bullet!

      Officially, no more bullet chess. At least for 10 years. If I play one game, someone please refer me to this blog post. I. Officially. Am. Stopping. Bullet. Chess. That's a promise. EXCEPT WHEN I AM SICK!!! | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Biyiasas, Peter

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    Peter Biyiasas, born Nov 19, 1950 in Greece, is a Canadian Grandmaster (1978) who later moved to the United States.  He has won the Canadian championship twice (1972, 1975).  In 1978 he won the World Open.  In 1981 Bobby Fischer sta... Read More »

  • Ilyin-Genevsky, Alexander

    • 21 Reads
    • | 21 Reads

    Alexander Ilyin-Genevsky (1894-1941) was the Russian master who had to learn the game twice.  He was gassed, then shell-shocked in World War I, which took away his memory.  Irving Chernev wrote that a bullet entered Ilyin-Genevsky&r... Read More »