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  • Can you handle CaroKann middlegame positions?

    A great way to learn openings (or even simply improve in general) is to solve hard middlegame positions.               Leave a comment and click "tracking comments" to be alerted when I post the solution in a few...

  • A Missed Brilliancy, Magnus Carlsen vs. Anish Giri, Norway Chess 2015

    If World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen had found 38.Bf7+!!, we would use "Carlsen's Immortal" etiquette for this game. For now, "Carlsen's Immortal" is Magnus Carlsen vs. Sipke Ernst 2004 Corus (Group C) CaroKann Classical. He...

  • Chess Structures in Practice - CaroKann Formation

    I write this blog to share some of the ideas from my book Chess Structures, published earlier this year. Each blog posts expands upon some of the concepts shown in my book, by analying a recent game amont strong...

  • The Amateur Analyzes his game Post2

    The Amateur Analyzes his game part2 Hello community im here again for my game blog. As usual, no computer analysis is used in the annotiations.Just plain old me analyzing the games and sharing some insights...


    The Chess Amateur Looks backChess has won me. I guess thats why im here and creating this blog. Thanks to hand me down chess books i learned alot about the game and the history of the great players (maybe not enough...


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