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  • Links to the Past II

    As in attics where things once used get stored out of sight and mind, old articles have a way of burying themselves under the weight of those that follow becoming lost and forgotten. Sometimes it pays to put on an apron and gloves, wal... | Read More

  • Links to the Past

    This is the week of Halloween, a time when we dust the cobwebs, ressurect the dead and free the whispy ghosts of the departed.I thought this would be an appropriate time to open my own vault into the not-so-distant past with links to what has c... | Read More

  • The Killer Instinct

         There are many definitions for the concept, "killer instinct."  One of the better ones I found, from, tell us it's "an aggressive and ruthless determination to win or attain a goal."       Maybe it was an eventual p... | Read More

  • How To Play The Stonewall Dutch

    Today we will be looking at a completely different landscape on the chess board compared to last week's King's Indian structure: the light-square focus of the Dutch Stonewall. The Stonewall is not a specific series of moves so much as a set... | Read More

  • Catalans

         Joan Carbó i Batlle was born the same year as Paul Morphy.  In fact, Batlle was just 3 weeks older than his more famous contemporary. Also a lawyer, though born in Tarragona, Catalonia, Batlle with his two friends, Judge Josep-Salvi F... | Read More

    • superkidschess practise session-4

      Susheel Reddy Crushed Tarun in Practice session September 22, 2016 Tarun got crushed in Practice session Tarun( rating )got crushed in Practice session on Day1,Susheel Reddy played his first round with Tarun. The opening was  King's- Indian def... | Read More

    • Everybody has a bad tournament: Sant Boi 2016

      Hi again. In my last post I wrote a recap of my first year of chess and was prepared to start my second year at the same tournament I started the first one: Sant Boi. This time I could not join the weakest group and I had to play the strongest on... | Read More

      • sharcashmo
      • | Sep 14, 2016
    • 2016 Oregon Open

      From September 3-5, I played in the 2016 Oregon Open. I played in the open section which was way above my rating (1700) because I wanted to play some masters and experts. Well, I got my wish in the first round. I was paired against FM Paul Bartron... | Read More

      • anshulcgm2
      • | Sep 13, 2016
    • Defensa INDIA

      La defensa INDIA (1.d4,Nf6) és la defensa més popular davant l’obertura de peó de reina, es una posició a partir de la qual s’en deriven multitud de defenses i variants molt importants en els escacs com per exemple la D. Nimzo-India, D. Be... | Read More

      • xaviof
      • | Aug 28, 2016
    • Titled Tuesday 07/05/16: Who Needs a Queen to Mate?!

      Yesterday I had my most successful (to date) Titled Tuesday, with a 5/9 score. This was greatly helped by a last round win against a disgruntled/half hearted GM Simon Williams; but I'll take it! The game we'll be going over today featured a curre... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Jul 6, 2016

Video Lessons

  • Benko's Opening

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    Benko's Opening (also known as the Hungarian Opening, the Barcza Opening, the Bilek Opening, and the King's Fianchetto Opening), is achess opening characterized by the move: 1. g3White's 1.g3 ranks as the fifth most popular opening move in... Read More »

  • A00 to E99

    • 23 Reads
    • | 23 Reads

    This is a list of chess openings, organised by the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) code. In 1966, Chess Informant categorised the chess openings into five broad areas ("A" through "E"), with each of those broken down into one hundred subcate... Read More »

  • King's Indian Attack

    • 11 Reads
    • | 11 Reads

      The King's Indian Attack (KIA), also known as the Barcza System (after Gedeon Barcza), is a chess opening system for White, most notably used by Bobby Fischer. Its typical formation is shown in the diagram to the right.It is an attacki... Read More »