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    CHEAT WOOD | SALT LAKE CITY, United States

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  • How To Join The PRO Chess League

    Do you think your team has what it takes to win the $20k top prize and the title of PRO Chess League Champions? By now you've read our announcement, and you can't wait to join the PRO Chess League, right? Not only...

  • The New (v3): Now With Bughouse!

    • News
    • Sep 8, 2016, 12:51 AM

    It's been a long time coming, but the new version of is finally ready to take online chess to a new level—and take your game to new heights.  This new version (v3) has been our...

  • Chess Criminals And The Games They Play

    • IM Silman
    • Jul 19, 2016, 1:42 AM

    As a man that has many interests (UFOs, martial arts, philosophy, various forms of history [chess and non-chess], literature, art, film, music, and even criminology), I recently began reading an excellent book entitled...

  • The Touch-Move Rule Outbreak

    • GM Gserper
    • May 21, 2016, 11:40 PM

    At the end of last week's article I mentioned that "recently we witnessed a real outbreak of touch-move rule violations." I think we can explain this phenomenon by a huge advance in modern...

  • Touch-Move Rule Adventures

    I am probably a lucky guy, because I never had any "touch-move rule" episodes in my whole chess career.  Don't get me wrong, it happened numerous times in my games that either I or my opponent touched...

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  • SLOW CHESS CLUB     The goal is to have random and regularly scheduled slow Live tournaments ( 45/45 )  with only basic rules such as.. Don't cheat.. Don't be a jerk ( no trash talking...

  • My not-so brilliant novelty: Challenger's Cup Round 4

    My opponent seems to view a picture being taken of him as at least kind of funny! I'm not even sure if he is trying to block! I took this photo, thank me in the comments, and in the meantime (time sure is mean!),...

  • The anti-kid strategy in action: Challenger's Cup Round 2

    I think this paragraph is really unnecessary. Who cares about who took the photos! Obviously I took them. Do you see that evil kid looking at the camera? That's right, I have a anti-Anthony strategy!  I can't believe...

  • connection interuppet alll time

    I don't know really whats happening here.. but during half of the I get connection interrupt... if i'm better in time Some new app to cheat... really this sit is getting wors by the day...does take the fun out of...

  • Chess is (anything but) fun Opening Series #1: The Birds

    The only photo in this blog is courtesy of Joseph_Truelson. Also, notice that all quotes in this blog are slightly altered (If they aren't, then I will mention it). And by "slightly altered", it is what I determine...

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