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  • Do Chess Players Cheat?

    There’s cheating in chess? What a silly question. Of course there is, and the transgressions are many and varied. But when I came to the game as a callow youth, I didn't pay much attention to it. Naturally, I knew certain practices were i... | Read More

  • Paul Morphy's Chess Strength

    Paul Morphy, Spring Hill College, 1854      This is a highly unusual article for me.  I have no love for chess engines.  Additionally, I have severe reservations about trying to compare modern players with 19th cenutry players.  It h... | Read More

  • Chess Tales from Asia - The Great Singapore Swindles (Part 2)

      Hi!  Firstly, thanks for the positive comments on Part 1 of this series. I do hope to continue to have your support. Before I continue showing some more swindles concorted in this part of Asia, I would like to make a distinction between the '... | Read More

  • Computers in chess... The conclusion.

    It is time to summarize our discussion about all the positive and negative aspects that computers brought to our game and see which side outweighs. One of the biggest positive sides I see is that computers really enhanced our chess knowledge. So... | Read More

  • Computers in chess... Cheaters paradise.

    In the last week's article I touched the subject of cheaters who use computer engines during their games. To my great surprise, judging by reader's messages, many of you are not aware of this problem.  I was asked how can cheaters possibly us... | Read More

    • Cheaters

      Hey everyone I am back with more! (It has only been, like 10 minutes since my First blog lol). I'll be talking about mean ol' grumpy cheaters tonight. If you have ANY doubt, even 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1 % doub... | Read More

    • Dealing With Online Chess Cheaters

      Unfortunately, like all sports, there will always be unsportsmanlike people willing to cheat, and chess is no exception. I've been on for a couple of months now, and since my rating passed 1800, I've started to notice, or suspect, the ma... | Read More

    • GM Daniil Dubov discusses the Candidates' tournament and cheating in chess The interview was conducted on March 16th. Daniil Dubov: This tournament is so depressive that this is the most interesting thing. Maria Manakova: "This"? What are you talking about? DD: Is Maria Manakova actual... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Mar 24, 2016
    • Guess Who Cheats

      Thru real chess experiences we seek how we stand against other players (win or lose)! To gain experience without coaching from superior chess players is what most chess players are (never make GM skills) unless they have prodigy skills. Cheating,... | Read More

      • pawntoss
      • | Feb 24, 2016
    • Let's Stop the Cheating

      It feels to me that chess cheating on the internet is rampant. There are just too many ways to cheat without getting caught, especially at slow time controls where I mostly play. I, and my friends, have faced incredibly obvious cheating from oppo... | Read More

      • Chessmo
      • | Feb 15, 2016