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  • Master vs Many: IM Danny Rensch & John Urschel : Game 2

      Master vs Many: IM Daniel Rensch & Baltimore Raven John Urschel: Game 2 Boucning back from his defeat against the world, Danny brings the power and join forces with Baltimore Raven John Urschel! Looking...

  • Master vs Many: GM Simon Williams: Game 1

      Master vs Many: GM Simon Williams: Game 1 Of course the Ginger GM played a King's Gambit! What else other than swashbuclking fun would you expect from Simon? Striving to put a mess on the board from move...

  • Master vs Many: IM John Bartholomew: Game 1

      Master vs Many: IM John Bartholomew: Game 1 John took the white pieces his first outing vs Team Scandi but avoided facing his own signature opening by essaying 1.d4! The game quickly found it's way in a...

  • Master vs Many: IM Danny Rensch: Game 1

      Master vs Many: IM Daniel Rensch: Game 1 Danny took the white pieces in the first edition of Master vs Many and elected to give 1.e4 a try! That masses fought back with the ever popular Sicilian Najdrof...

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  • First Blog Post for Sherlockian100

    I had one of those families that did not take many pictures or videos (granted video recorders weighed 30 pounds and had to be carried around on one's shoulder). As a result, I didn't have many pictures to show...

  • new tournament

    • GE68
    • Jan 18, 2017, 10:59 PM

    I have create a new tournament and registration is open.   Winter 2017 Timecontrol  3 days 5 Players Rating < 1500 4 simultaneous games special Trophies   Here you can join:

  • Fun Word Games

    I love chess, but sometimes I like to play word games on my downtime. I thought I would share some of my favorites. 1. Word with Friends Word with Friends is a classic word...

  • The Worst Kind of Good Tournament at the Liberty Bell Open

    Some good things certainly happened to me at the Liberty Bell Open, but it was really the worst kind of good tournament I could have.  Not only did I continue to suffer an ailment, I added two other issues that...

  • Finding the Balance Between Study and Play

    That's what seems to be the theme of my blog so far.  I get something intangible out of playing.  It's like some needed outlet--it's the fun that breaks up life's work.  I work, I parent, I clean the apartment,...


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