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  • How to play with or against an isolated pawn?

      Before getting into this topic, let us(Remote Chess Academy) ask you a simple question. Have you ever played with or against an isolated pawn and won that game or even fought hard? Or were you facing any trouble...

  • Week of December 5, 2016

    Pairings for the Slow Chess League have been posted for the Week of December 5, 2016:  2016/12 League Qualifier Round 2 - Dec 5 - 11   101 Jolly Jumper (1.0,1708) vs anon23547 (1.0,1795)  102 chess334 (1.0,1590)...

  • KPIX News Profiles Chess & Life Strategies Class in SF

        Kenny Choi did a fantastic look at HHCF for Channel 5!! Check out the link here on:  KPIX NEWS . It does a great job of showing that the kids at John O'Connell's Chess and Life Strategies class is thriving....

  • A Chess Puzzle

    I'd like to share today this elegant chess puzzle from a book I currently studying.   I hope to write a series of entries on this author and his work, so I hope you enjoy this sneak peak!   Problem No. 1 .             Photo...

  • Gufeld Tames Artist and Another Create a Masterpiece!(1959)

    In his book, "My Life in Chess" (1994, International Chess Enterprises), GM Eduard Gufeld (1936-2002) shares with us many duels with chess giants of his day....Tal, Polugaevsky, Bronstein, Geller, Krochnoi. Gufeld...

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