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Location: cpu, India
Joined: 3/1/11
Last Online: 3/10/11
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  • double queen mate

    This is a game i played on the chessmaster 9000 program any comment or sugggestions on better moves are welcome.I play white. | Read More

  • Book Review: Winning Chess Endings

    Raise your hand if you hate playing the endgame.  That’s what I thought; I’m not alone.  OK, well, “hate” might be a bit strong, but maybe “dread” is a better term.  Nothing about chess is easy, b... | Read More

  • McChess: Chessmaster 9000

    With any luck, this is the first in a series of chess software reviews. I should state up-front that, at the moment, the only operating system I use is OS X. So, although many of the programs that I will review have versions that run on other oper... | Read More

  • Book Review: Play Winning Chess

    First, a bit of backstory is in order.I started taking chess semi-seriously about three months ago when I started playing Facebook Chess. I decided I would do some reading and get my learn on. Of course, I started with reading whatever I could fin... | Read More

    • Confessions of a terrible (I mean TERRIBLE) chess player

      I’d like to post a few articles about life at the bottom of the chess barrel. You can see my statistics; it’s not a joke. I wish it was.    So, I’ll begin with an honest confession: I am awful at chess. This is a shame because, of cour... | Read More

    • all purpose

      i draw vs komodo8 draw vs shereder draw vs stockfish5 beat stockfish 6 beat chessmaster 9000 beat chessmaster grandmaster edition beat chessfrinds computer draw vs computer impossible and beat 2500 rating player in 10 min blitz in real ... | Read More

    • How to Improve your game as well as having fun doing it.

      Okay so you are coming back to the community day after day and you just do not see yourself improving your game. You do your best your ripping through tons of games yet things are still the same well hopefully I just might be able to help you. I ... | Read More

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    • Tools for chess

      Today I'd found an old litle notebook in which I used to take notes on famous chess quotes by famous players. While reading it again, I've found 8 basic chess guidelines taken from the program Chessmaster 9000, which really helped me improve my ga... | Read More

      • agmm1985
      • | Jun 8, 2011
    • WISH List ... SILICON BRAIN CHECKOUT this Chessmaster 9000 Finish

      | Read More

      • StarDancer
      • | Dec 18, 2010

  • Morphy, Paul

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    Paul Morphy, (1837-1884), was born in New Orleans, USA.  At the tender age of 10 he was already defeating masters.  A law school graduate at the age of 17, Morphy dominated the 1857 American Chess Congress in New York City.  In the ... Read More »