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  • Chess Criminals And The Games They Play

    As a man that has many interests (UFOs, martial arts, philosophy, various forms of history [chess and non-chess], literature, art, film, music, and even criminology), I recently began reading an excellent book entitled "Shady Side: The Life and Cr... | Read More

  • Morphy and Music

    Mrs. Morphy is renowned in the salons of New Orleans as a brilliant pianiste and musician; and her son, without ever having studied music, has a similar aptitude for it, and he believes he would have become as famous therein as in chess, had he ... | Read More

  • Garry Kasparov On Viktor Korchnoi

    The great Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi died Tuesday in Switzerland at the age of 85. His longevity as a top-level player and his fighting spirit were such that it was easy to hope that he might trick Death himself in a rook endgame and live f... | Read More

  • Who Will Qualify To Play Magnus Carlsen?

    The Blitz Battle Qualifier to decide who will face Magnus Carlsen is here. Watch the event with live commentary at or  Round one of this 11-round, 3 0 Swiss tournament starts Tuesday, M... | Read More

  • The Touch-Move Rule Outbreak

    At the end of last week's article I mentioned that "recently we witnessed a real outbreak of touch-move rule violations." I think we can explain this phenomenon by a huge advance in modern technology and particularly devices... | Read More

    • Put 10 Minutes on the Clock and Try to Solve!

      One of the best ways to keep yourself honest when going over chess puzzles, is to set a timer and write down everything you were thinking. At the end compare to the correct answer. If you have a coach/teacher this information will be invaluable to... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Jul 23, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • V01: What to think about during a chess game

      As one may see I am far from playing at a grandmaster’s level. However, these blogs are documenting ideas I try to implement into my own gameplay.   Blunder avoidance:  The first problem I faced after my 20 year break from chess were blund... | Read More

      • IO_Jupiter
      • | Jul 15, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • 7/15/16 (Day -14)

      Hello again, everyone! I finally have something worth sharing. (Hint: not more excuses for why my posts are boring.) Yesterday, (Thursday, July 14) my coach and I sat down to play a long, serious game together. The time control was G/60, d5. We ... | Read More

    • My World Open Follow-Up

      There were positives and negatives to take away from this year’s World Open.  Even the negative takeaways were positive, because they let me know where I need to go with training and practical adjustments that need to be made.  Even though... | Read More

      • Milliern
      • | Jul 8, 2016
    • 4 Reasons to Play Bullet

      Yesterday I finished my 1000th rated bullet game on Luckily, I was able to win that one due to an early blunder of my opponent. The opinions about bullet chess differ extremely: While it is great fun for some people (f.e. me), other... | Read More

      • Adrochatio
      • | Jul 7, 2016

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  • The Stare

    • 9 Reads
    • | 9 Reads

    In chess, as in other games that promote gamesmanship, "The Stare" is a common tactic used by players to intimidate, annoy, confuse and otherwise put an opponant out of his or her comfort zone. It is generally done when a player is trying to thi... Read More »

  • Bardeleben, Curt von

    • 2 Reads
    • | 2 Reads

    Curt von Bardeleben (1861-1924) was a German count and the strongest German player of the late 19th century, an openings expert, and player of Grandmaster strength.  He studied law, but never practiced, preferring to play chess. He was German cha... Read More »

  • Denker, Arnold Sheldon

    • 20 Reads
    • | 20 Reads

      Arnold Sheldon Denker (1914-2005 was a onetime boxer and boxing manager (won three successive Golden Gloves bouts by knockouts).  He won the New York State championship in 1938 and 1939.  He won the Manhattan Chess Club Championsh... Read More »

  • What did Bobby teach you?

    • 1 Read
    • | 1 Read

    He was one of the strongest players in the whole world...but little is know about his life. He was born in America (March,9 1943) and he quickly became the first American to win the official World Chess Championship. He was very very young when he... Read More »

  • Akhsharumova, Anna Markovna

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    Anna Markovna Akhsharumova, born Jan 9, 1957, is a Woman Grandmaster who finished first in the 1976 Soviet Women's Championship.  Her husband, Boris Gulko, tied for first in the 1977 Soviet Men's Championship.   By all right... Read More »