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  • Say "Hello!" to Version 3

    It's been a long time coming, but a brand-new version of is finally ready to step up and take online chess to a new level - and take your chess to new levels as well.  Version 3 (v3) has been our #1 priority for over two year... | Read More

  • Introducing The New (Version 3)

    It's been a long time coming, but a brand-new version of is finally ready to take online chess to a new level -- and take your game to new heights.  This new version (v3) has been our top priority for two years, and ... | Read More

  • Vishy Anand And The Semi-Slav Defense

    Like Veselin Topalov, Viswanathan Anand became FIDE world champion by virtue of his victory in a world championship tournament -- this one held in Mexico City, 2007. However, the chess public, which has always tended to see the championship changi... | Read More

  • The 12 Most Interesting Chess Players Ever

    Who are the most interesting chess players of all time? It’s an interesting question. Are we talking about the best players ever? Even that’s a tricky thing to define. Are the best players the most accomplished? We could go by supe... | Read More

  • A Chess Engine Is NOT Your Friend!

    Several years ago I was visiting a friend and he was online looking at live games in a team match event. One game was between a grandmaster (who had the Black pieces) and an international master. A zillion people were using a zillion chess engin... | Read More

    • Power of a passed pawn in the endgame.

      I have decided to post blogs about my games only. But I'll be posting some other things too .  I have a goal to reach 1600 by September.  "I will soon reach 1600, no one can stop me" - KID_Harish  Today I played a nice 30|0 ga... | Read More

      • KID_Harish
      • | Jul 16, 2016
    • Game of the year 2016 ! (Well, not quite... but almost!)

      I was so excited after I had won this game I immediately bought it under computer analysis to see if I had made any blunders. To my surprise (and great dismay) I actually made an opening mistake that most likely would have costed me the game had m... | Read More

    • FIrst analysis

      Ok, this is my first analysis of a game I played. Even though I lost this game, I am very satisfied with how I played! Just look at what the computer analysis says about my game: 14 excellent moves and 7 good moves! No inaccuracies o... | Read More

    • Tactics Galore

      With 13 ... Qh4 Black provokes 14. g3 and immediately exploits the weakness thus created. Computer analysis indicates a better defence in 14. f4! and that the tactics should have 'fired' a move earlier with 13 ... Bxh2+ !  | Read More

    • Study-like mate in 7

      This is computer analysis referred to in a previous blog "Deep Tactics". I thought I would rather present it as a study. If you solve it you are either a genius or a silicon monster! For the record I went wrong with the 'obvious' 24 ... Qf3+ and e... | Read More

  • En Passant

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    En passant (from French: "in passing") is a maneuver in chess which is performed after a player moves a pawn two squares forward from its starting position, and an opposing pawn captures it as if it had only moved one square.  En passant may ... Read More »

  • Soltis, Andrew

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    Andrew (andy) Solits is an American grandmaster.  In 1979, Soltis began writing a monthly column called “Chess to Enjoy” for Chess Life magazine.  It is the longest running column in that magazine.  In 1980, Soltis was awarded the G... Read More »

  • Albins counter (ACG) {D&A}

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    Hi friends , Welcome to my new lesson on chessopedia that is Albins Counter Gambit .This lesson will cover both Declined and Accepted method .Please read and solve carefully to abolish your Gambit skills . The Albin Countergambit is a chess op... Read More »

  • the Grob

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    Grob's Attack is an unconventional chess opening where White immediately moves the king knight's pawn two squares ahead: 1. g4 The opening takes its name from Swiss International Master Henri Grob (1904–1974) who analyzed it extensively... Read More »

  • Mieses Opening

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    The Mieses Opening is a chess opening that begins with the move: 1. d3The opening is named after the German-British grandmaster Jacques Mieses. It is considered an irregular opening, so it is classified under the A00 code in the Encyclop... Read More »