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  • Conditional Moves

    I'm a PAYING member but find is starting to make this sight worse. To speed up some games I occasionally use Conditional Moves but now find that faucility denied... Why ? That's not the only gripe, Explore...

  • Paul Morphy- A Positional Player of the Highest Class!

    We hear it all the time, and so much, we believe it to be true: "Paul Morphy was a tactician...." But when we take a closer examination, it turns out that the opposite is true: Paul Morphy was a consumate positional...

  • Players moving too fast in "turn based games"

    I just started playing my first "turn based game". I am playing with a 3 day time control. What baffles me is how swiftly my opponent is playing. Quite frankly, I am playing almost as fast because I, in my opinion,...

  • Modern Correspondence Chess from the Inside Out:

    What is ICCF?The International Correspondence Chess Federation is the world governing body on officially-rated correspondence chess games. There are delegates from many countries that promote their own national...

  • Membership features

    It is not good to take features away from members that were previously included in the diamond membership(i.e. Adding lines to conditional moves)


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