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    • otto17
    • Mar 11, 2015, 12:06 AM

    Hello guys , i faced one problem , i made an account on but i forgot my username of that account . all i can remember is the email attached with that account . i am worried that my email is being used...

  • Leave

    Sorry. If you enjoy my blogs, it's time to leave for me. Currently, due to my inactivity on, I have decided to stop my membership and delete my account. If you love my blogs, I could possibly restart an...

  • Valueofpi jokes :P

    VALUEOFPI JOKES 1.With the rising cost of gasoline, Valueofpi is beginning to worry about his drinking habit. 2. Valueofpi is so fast that while running around the world the world he can kick his own ass from behind....

  • Email Account

    Grettings to All,   How do you delete an email account. I don't want it anymore. I looked everywhere, except the right place.   Please help,   Retsnef.

  • Account

    • Btn32
    • Sep 26, 2009, 10:09 AM

    How do I delete my Account?


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