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  • How Past Masters Can Help Your Game

    I’ve gone out of my way to write articles about the importance of balance; everyone needs both tactical and positional/strategic skills (you also need endgame skills, but at the moment we will concentrate on tactics and strategy). To add a... | Read More

  • Alekhine's Defense: World Champion Openings

    Alexander Alekhine won the title from Jose Raul Capablanca in their 1927 match. The Franco-Russian master had an unusually wide opening repertoire compared to the earlier champions, and he loved to experiment with different openings. So while A... | Read More

  • 5 Openings To Learn In 2015

    A new calendar year, for many people, means a chance for a new beginning. January is a month to consider new possibilities, to improve yourself, and to make a fresh plan for the upcoming year. In many ways, a new year is like a chessboard in t... | Read More

  • Sokolsky/Polish Opening (1.b4). Basic Opening Theory.

         The Sokolsky Opening 1. b4 (also known as the Polish opening, Polish Attack, Orangutan) relates to the closed openings and is considered an irregular opening. It ranks ninth in popularity and is seldom played in top-level games and officia... | Read More

  • Heritage in Modern Play, Part 5

    World Champion Tigran Petrosian is well known for his positional exchange sacrifices. A less known strategic idea that appeared in several of his games is the bishop exchange for the c3 knight in the King's Indian Defense (KID). In the KID, the da... | Read More

    • Washington Championship, part 1

      In past years the Washington State Championship has consisted of three 10-player round robins.  The winner of the top section becomes Champion:  the winners of the lower sections are seeded into upper sections next year.  There are also a few o... | Read More

      • mkkuhner
      • | Feb 9, 2016
    • The Night I gave up the Stonewall: KingCo League Round 9

      The last week of KingCo chess league did not go well. We already knew we would not qualify for the state come petition, even worse we had to play Overlake. In a blitz match, Overlake lost 1-4 against Issaquah, a surprising result as they had highe... | Read More

    • Tournaments managed by rotanev6

      Tournaments managed by rotanev6 This list is probably complete, please let me know of any I missed. xx xx  960 by the Dozen U1600  in progress xx  960 by the Dozen U1800  in progress xx  960 by the Dozen Open  in progress xx xx  A... | Read More

      • rotanev6
      • | Jan 26, 2016
    • Opposite Colored Bishops

      Most experienced chessplayers know that the prescence of opposite colored bishops can create drawing chances in an endgame, even when the weaker side is down material.  I played a few games recently where I was able to exploit this tendency to dr... | Read More

    • Are mistakes a sign of improvement?

      I recently flipped through Andrew Soltis' book The wisest things ever said about chess. One of the quotes, attributed to GM Loek van Wely, says the following: "You only know that you are improving when your opponents seem to be playing badly mor... | Read More

      • Nietsoj
      • | Dec 3, 2015

Video Lessons

  • Soltis, Andrew

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    Andrew (andy) Solits is an American grandmaster.  In 1979, Soltis began writing a monthly column called “Chess to Enjoy” for Chess Life magazine.  It is the longest running column in that magazine.  In 1980, Soltis was awarded the G... Read More »

  • Fried Liver Attack

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     The Fried Liver Attack is a continuation of the Two Knights Defense. It is an aggressive gambit where white gives up a knight in exchange for poor king safety for black. This attack has not been proven decisive, especially under slower time cont... Read More »

  • King's Indian Defense

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    King's Indian Defense belongs to the Indian Defense family of openings and is characterised by the early fianchetoeing of the black dark-squared bishop on g7. It is a sharp opening and it has always been a very popular choice for black ever ... Read More »

  • Sicilian Defence

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      The Sicilian Defence is an opening very rich in independent variations to the extent that it is always mentioned along with the mainline variation that followed.Black's purpose of playing 1...c5 is to undermine white's center by taking cont... Read More »

  • Scandinavian Defense

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    The Scandinavian Defense (also known as the Center Counter) is the chess opening characterized by the first moves 1.e4 d5. Although played by quite a few grandmasters over the years, the Scandinavian is rarely played at the highest levels of ... Read More »