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  • PRO Chess League Official Rules

    PRO Chess League Rules as of 1/14/2017: A. Eligibility and Team Makeup   A.1. Team rosters A lineup is the four players you are using each match. A roster is the total list of players you have...

  • Chess Books And Youth vs Old Age

    • IM Silman
    • Sep 29, 2016, 3:30 AM

    Sitting in a coffee shop in Tokyo that’s little known but adored by those who frequent it, I was staring at the most beautiful and delicious cappuccino on Earth. This was my second one, but before...

  • Free Chess Curriculum For Parents And Coaches

    Chess would be great for my kids,  but where do I start? I'd love to help start a chess program at my school, but I'm a math/science/English teacher and I know nothing about teaching chess. I...

  • The Birth And Development Of The Hillbilly Attack

    People are obsessed with chess openings. Amazon shows 28,265 books listed when you search for "Chess Book", but I expect the number of books written on the game is well over 100,000. If I were to hedge...

  • 2016 ChessKid Online National Invitational Championships (CONIC): A Preview

    In 2012, the ChessKid Online National Invitational Championship (CONIC) was created to provide young, talented chess players an opportunity to play a round-robin championship at a long time control. The event gradually...

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  • New January 2017 Prodigy Program with Vishy Anand - Sign Up Today!

    The Prodigy Program has successfully completed its second year and the class of 2016 in the 900+, 1200+, 1500+, and 1750+ Elo sections has graduated to the next level. All sections will start from the very beginning...

  • 1900+ Prodigy Training Course by Chess University: Jan-March 2017

    Chess University is launching a 1900+ Elo Prodigy Training Course on January 21st, 2017 as the next step for 1750+ Elo section Prodigy Program graduates! This training course focuses on advanced calculation, thought-process,...

  • January Simul 2017

    Simultaneous on 10 boards with WGM ADRIANA NIKOLOVA  on Sunday (08.01.2017) at 10:00p.m. (Eastern Europ. Time) GMT+2 hours, 3:00p.m. New York Time, 8:00p.m. London (UK) Time The time control would be 60min+10sec. per...

  • Chessbrah Journal

      29.12.2016 Montreal,Quebec,Canada     November 30: I’m having lunch with Aman Hambleton at a nearby restaurant and it’s the usual time of day where tons of emails come in. I decide to visually scan the ongoing...

  • Chess University Internship and Entrepreneurship Programs Starting in 2017

    Chess University will introduce online internship programs in 2017 for high school students, college students, and college graduates. There are also plans to create an entrepreneurial arm of Chess University that...

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