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  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #53: In Passing

    Professor: Bonjour, class. Class: Bonjour, to you as well, Professor. Lucian: What’s with the French? Thomas: Were you trying to confuse us? Professor: No, not at all. Zephyr: Then why use French to...

  • Fischer, Tal, and the most frequently forgotten chess rule

    Let me start from the very end of this story. Sousse Interzonal 1967 will always be remembered for Fischer's withdrawal after ten rounds. At that point he had seven wins and three draws. Even though the participants...

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #17 - Playing by the Rules

    The Professor began somewhat formally: “For those who are feeling a bit rambunctious, let’s bring up the topic of rules. Particularly, let’s talk about a rule that was changed in the last 150 years or so.” --- “What...

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #14 - The Day After Halloween

    “Did you have a nice Halloween?” the Professor asked both Zephyr and Lucian who, once again, were in class together.  --- Both of the Professor’s prized students nodded in agreement. --- The Professor continued:...

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #10 - E for Excellent

    “You’re doing very well,” Professor Pando said to Lucian. “Come grading time, I may even give you an E for excellent!” --- “But first you must “play detective.” Consider the following position, with the pieces outlining...

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  • Using En Passant to gain a mental advantage

    Knowing the rule of en passant is the mark of an advanced chess player. Now, I am at a stage between a beginner and an advanced player. I believe that aside from mere rankings, perception is also important in determining...

  • Brava Nazí!

    __ [Rif.: http://goo.gl/KAnBU9] Quando verso la fine dello scorso settembre Nazí Paikidze iniziò la sua nota campagna contro la decisione della FIDE sul Mondiale femminile da giocare in Iran a febbraio 2017 (http://archive.is/J5O4I –...

  • Teaching Chess

    This summer, I had the pleasure to tutor a middle schooler (grade 7) not in Math or Science but in Chess! He knows the rules of chess but has never played competitively. Therefore it was my job to not only teach...

  • Chess Quiz Answers

    Hello everyone. Here is the answers to my recently posted chess quiz. If you haven't already, please look at the question post here.    64  32  9 per side, but you cannot have 18  When a player has no legal move,...

  • Retro Computer Chess part 4: Atari Video Chess (1979)

    After Microchess, one of the first chess games to hit homes was Atari Video Chess for the Atari VCS 2600 console. Home consoles up to that time were specialised affairs that could only play one specific game, such...

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