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  • To Err is Human

    We all make mistakes. In my opinion it is just a natural way to self improvement, so you shouldn't be ashamed of your mistakes. As a roughly translated Russian saying goes "Only a person who does nothing makes no...

  • Habla Espanol?

    The summer of 1967 is known as the Summer of Love (The Beatles, hippies, Woodstock, etc). I think the summer of 2010 will be remembered as the Summer of Spain. First Spain wins the soccer World Cup, then Nadal wins...

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  • Draw vs IM - Sonic the Hedghehog Blitz game!

    Hey and first of all THANK YOU  for showing up in my blog. Today I drew against Spanish International Master Napoleon Tipter. You can check him out here I have learned...

  • Proof of God

    Proof of God in english. If you are not a believer of the existence of God, I hope and pray that this video will convince you that God is real and does truly exist as creator and designer of this awesome universe! More...

  • El Ultimo Viaje de Cristobal Colon ( 1 y 2) 2007 (Documental C Historia).

    no es apto para ignorantes enfurecidos sin tolerancia ni respeto, no es apto para aquellos el cual lo principal no es la investigación sino la negación a como de lugar y menos sin argumentos basados en ninguna...

  • The amazing story of two young, humble Peruvian World Chess Champions.

    Original story in Spanish here (y texto en Espanol al final) Courtesy translation (please bear with the poor quality as...

  • en español

    Hola amigos! Solo quiero dedicar este blog a los amigos de para que nos permitan tener el portal en espanol.

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