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  • How Past Masters Can Help Your Game

    I’ve gone out of my way to write articles about the importance of balance; everyone needs both tactical and positional/strategic skills (you also need endgame skills, but at the moment we will concentrate on tactics and strategy). To add a... | Read More

  • The Player I'd Most Like to Have Met

         Throughout the history of the game, chess has produced innumerable fascinating personalities.  Some were stars, others played supporting roles.  Many of them, at least from the hazy vantage point of my clouded ... | Read More

  • Walker

    George  Walker    George Walker's life (1803-1879) spanned one of the most remarkable periods of chess.  As a chess player, he met and played such personalities as John Cochrane, William Lewis, Alexander McDonnell, Labourdonnais, Pierre Charl... | Read More

  • Targets, Time Pressure, And Reaching Expert

    SPOTTING THE ELUSIVE TARGETS  Chess.com member speedyg2 asked: “I have been reading your book How to Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition and I was wondering if move 23 for White (Rfe1) is following the imbalances. My imbalance breakdown was tha... | Read More

  • The Last Cracked Grandmaster Tales

    This is my third and final Cracked Grandmaster Tales article. Click the links if you haven’t seen Cracked Grandmaster Tales and More Cracked Grandmaster Tales. We’ll start with Najdorf again since some people felt that he wouldn’t resort t... | Read More

    • Review: This Crazy World of Chess

      The late Larry Evans was a living legend in US chess, having won five US Championships and served as Bobby Fischer's second as he battled the former Soviet Union. He was also a long time columnist for Chess Life and This Crazy World of Chess (by ... | Read More

      • Chessmo
      • | May 22, 2016
    • I "600 milioni" di scacchisti nel mondo e il "ciornalismo"

      Questo articolo è un po’ un insieme di varie cose. In esso toccherò vari argomenti: gli scacchi-business; le cifre che da anni (e anni) girano riguardo al numero di persone che giocano a scacchi nel mondo; la FIDE e AGON; un certo modo di far... | Read More

      • Sentenzio
      • | May 6, 2016
    • Tim's Tournament Book Blog VIII: Vienna 1922

      Vienna 1922By Larry EvansForeward by John DonaldsonRussell Enterprises Inc. 2011144 pagesVienna 1922 was a blockbuster tournament featuring most of the top players of the day.  Lacking only Lasker and Capablanca, it was a spirited fighting tourna... | Read More

      • SLBM1959
      • | Apr 30, 2016
    • P.H. Clarke - Cien miniaturas rusas (capitulo noveno)

      CAPITULO NOVENO MAS CORTAS TODAVIA. Buscando partidas cortas uno tropieza a veces con la partida superminiatura. Algunas de estas partidas aparecieron ya en “Crimen y castigo”, y ahora voy a presentar otra selección mas. Las partidas esc... | Read More

      • Ernestoche
      • | Apr 14, 2016
    • The Africa Zone 4.4 Individual Chess Championship

      The tournament kicked off with all but 2 Nigerians picking up victories against their respective opponents in the first round. Akinleye Akinseye and Toritsemuwa Ofowino (The West African lady tagged "the MAN BEATER") played against FM EBOSSE Kingu... | Read More

      • thims
      • | Apr 4, 2016

Video Lessons


  • Italian Game

    • 8 Reads
    • | 8 Reads

    'Italian game' refers to any game that follows after the sequence 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4. This includes both the Two Knights Defense (3. ...Nf6) and the Giuoco Piano (3. ...Bc4). 'Italian Game' is more accurate than Giuoco Piano, since this lite... Read More »

  • Wing Gambit

    • 1 Read
    • | 1 Read

    The term Wing gambit usually refers to when white plays an early b2 to b4 deflecting a black pawn. There are many wing gambits. The first one is the Evan's Gambit, popularized by William Davie Evans. In the 1800's everybody used it and there were ... Read More »

  • Evans, Larry

    • 38 Reads
    • | 38 Reads

    Larry Melvyn Evans (March 22, 1932 – November 15, 2010) was an  was an American Chess Grandmaster, author and journalist. He won or shared the U.S. Open Chess Championship five times and the U.S. Open Chess Championship four times.  He won or ... Read More »

  • Telegraph

    • 22 Reads
    • | 22 Reads

      The first telegraph match was played between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore in  November, 1844, linked by the first American telegraph.  In 1845, Staunton and Hugh Kennedy, playing from Gosport, Portsmouth Harbor, played two telegraph gam... Read More »

  • Evans Gambit

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    • | 0 Reads

     The Evans Gambit is characterised by the moves: 1. e4 e52. Nf3 Nc63. Bc4 Bc54. b4 History The gambit is named after the Welsh sea Captain William Davies Evans, the first player known to have employed it. The first game with the open... Read More »