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  • Special Titled Tuesday Offers $4,000 In Prizes

    This week's Titled Tuesday will feature a doubled prize pool and some new prize categories for what is expected to be the largest combined field in the event's history. You can watch Titled Tuesday coverage on May 3 at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pa... | Read More

  • Visions of Morphy

    Below are some of the images - photos, paintings, sketches, etchings - of Paul Morphy. Here is the earliest known image of Morphy - from 1854: from "Twice Remembered: Moments in the History of Spring Hill College" by Michael Kenny, S.J. ... | Read More

  • A List of One’s Own: The New Top 100 Women Rankings

    By Maret Thorpe. Photo: Tae Moon [Reprinted with permission of the author and US Chess.] “I’m so honored to have made it on to the first iteration of the Top Women Age 50 and Over! I hope these newly added lists encourage mo... | Read More

  • Death Match Video Guide

    Following this video guide, you'll retrace the steps of the Chess.com's greatest blitz and bullet combatants (Nakamura, Caruana, So...) as they wage a battle of wills in an epic three hour Death Match! Share the woes of time trouble, mouse slips, ... | Read More

  • No Balance, No Success

    I get countless questions that ask about taste in chess (No, don’t eat the pieces!). Taste, in this case, refers to a preference for positional or tactical situations. (However, if you MUST eat the pieces, please buy a chess cake or a ches... | Read More

    • EuroTrip - Early May Edition

      This month has come to an exciting start with several strong tournaments either kicking off or winding up in the last few days! If you liked the 2004 film 'EuroTrip', you will love going around and enjoying the highlights in this post :) Now we k... | Read More

    • Difficulties For Me When Playing

           It's difficult finding other players like me to get along with. Being a female teenager that plays chess is not something you find commonly at tournaments, or in life generally.        When I play, I often see people look at me as ... | Read More

      • Joker787
      • | Apr 17, 2016
    • What's In A Name?

      Shylock and Jessica (1876) by Maurycy Gottlieb.     Jessica (originally Iessica, also Jesica, Jessicah or Jessika) is a female given name. The oldest written record of the name with its current spelling is found as the name of a character ... | Read More

      • kittyluv
      • | Apr 16, 2016
    • Life of a Female Chess Player Pt. II: Competition

      To everyone that has reached out to me and has given me support, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts and respond. To everyone that provide insightful commentary on my forum post, thank you. I don't have to agree with you to... | Read More

    • The Africa Zone 4.4 Individual Chess Championship

      The tournament kicked off with all but 2 Nigerians picking up victories against their respective opponents in the first round. Akinleye Akinseye and Toritsemuwa Ofowino (The West African lady tagged "the MAN BEATER") played against FM EBOSSE Kingu... | Read More

      • thims
      • | Apr 4, 2016

Video Lessons

  • Cambridge-Oxford University Chess Club Match

    • 46 Reads
    • | 46 Reads

    Longest running annual match in chess.  The traditional series began in 1873 with the help of future world champion Wilhelm Steinitz (won by Oxford University 10-3).  The univerisities actually started playin in 1871, but the early matches were ... Read More »

  • AIPE

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    The Association Internationale de la Presse Echiqueenne (AIPE) was the International Association of Chess Journalists.  It was an organization of chess journalists founded in 1967 by Jordi Puig (1928-1989) of Barcelona, Spain. AIPE awarded the Ch... Read More »

  • Baginskaite, Camilla

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    • | 0 Reads

    Camilla Baginskaite was born in Vilnus, Lithuania on April 24, 1967.  At age 15, she became the youngest female master in Lithuania.  In 1986, she took 3rd place in the World Championship for Girls under 20.  In 1988, she won the World Champion... Read More »

  • Pogonina, Natalia

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    • | 0 Reads

    Natalia Pogonina (born on March 9, 1985) is one of the best female chess players in the world. Woman Grandmaster (WGM), three-times European champion (U16, twice U18), bronze prize winner at the World Championship (U18) and European Women Champi... Read More »

  • Polgar, Susan

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    • | 0 Reads

    Susan Polgar, born Zsuzsanna Polgar in Budapest, Hungary, was the oldest of three sisters, Judit and Sophia Polgar. She discovered the game purely by accident when she was not quite four years old. She had been rummaging around in a closet looking... Read More »