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  • 5 things to remember while playing chess online

    Playing chess can be incredibly satisfying, but it obviously requires a partner. That's where online chess platforms come in. If you're an avid chess player but somehow lack proper sparring partners, this is the...

  • Chess for linux – Jin review and Download

    When you switch from Windows to Linux, you will miss some “commercial” software. To be completely honest most of them does not have a Linux version, but do not despair! All software you run on Windows can eventually...

  • The Earth Moves

    Here is a game I played recently on (unrated,15 5). White (that's me) launched a tactical onslaught that unnerved Black to the point of distraction, allowing a bold White pawn to back the Black Queen...

  • My FICS Games

    Here are a few games I played recently on, all unrated with a 15 5 time control. In this game I was White, and Black resigned after 8 moves. In the next game, I was Black... And playing Black...

  • Professional chess coach offering Online lessons

    skype (harish_chess ) for free 30 minutes demoHarish Kumar , International Chess Coach, Offering Chess Lessons at $9.99 per Hour. He won Regional Chess Championship for 6th time and Achieved 2004 Rating at

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