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  • 2017 PRO Chess League: Teams's Thumbnail

    2017 PRO Chess League: Teams

    PROChessLeague Jan 8, 2017, 3:56 PM

    We are proud to welcome 48 teams, over 400 players and over 100 grandmasters to this inaugural season of the PRO Chess League! Listed here are all of the team rosters in rating order as well as links to social media...

  • Cuba's Thumbnail


    batgirl Apr 6, 2016, 11:18 AM

    Avenida de las Palmeras, Habana, ca. 1904      A large island in the Caribbean, this former Spanish colony lies just 93 miles from the state of Florida.  Its proximity to the United...

  • Aronian-Grischuk Blitz Battle Opener April 6: Once More We Play Our Dangerous Game's Thumbnail

    Aronian-Grischuk Blitz Battle Opener April 6: Once More We Play Our Dangerous Game

    FM MikeKlein Mar 31, 2016, 1:27 AM

    Chess.com's first-ever GM Blitz Battle Championship is right around the corner, and the field's two most experienced players will kick things off April 6 at 10 a.m. Pacific (GMT-7), 1 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. London. What...

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  • Azerbaijan Wins Gold Amidst Controversy's Thumbnail

    Azerbaijan Wins Gold Amidst Controversy

    PeterDoggers Nov 6, 2017, 3:30 PM

    Azerbaijan played 2-2 vs Ukraine and had some scary moments as Russia beat Germany 3-1 and reached the same amount of match points. At the end of the day the tiebreak worked out well for the Azerbaijani,...

  • European Teams: Azerbaijan, Russia Clash On Sunday's Thumbnail

    European Teams: Azerbaijan, Russia Clash On Sunday

    PeterDoggers Nov 4, 2017, 3:57 PM

    Top favorites Russian (in clear first place) and Azerbaijan (sole second) will meet each other in the penultimate round of the European Team Championship on Sunday in Greece. Both teams won with 3-1 today. Both...

  • European Teams: Hungary, Russia On Top's Thumbnail

    European Teams: Hungary, Russia On Top

    PeterDoggers Nov 3, 2017, 3:29 PM

    After the rest day the fun was over for Croatia at the European Team Championship in Greece. The leaders lost to Hungary, who are now tied for first place with Russia, who beat Poland. The European Team Championship...

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  • 21st European Teams 2017's Thumbnail

    21st European Teams 2017

    gambit-man Nov 8, 2017, 6:18 AM

    21st European Teams 2017     Adams, Michael 2727 65.57 Aleksandrov, Aleksej 2588 64.00 Almasi, Zoltan 2707 67.71 Anagnostopoulos, Konstantinos 2290 41.88 Anton Guijarro, David 2651 71.00 Aronian, Levon 2801 69.71 Ashiku,...

  • Pressure in the Maroczy Bind's Thumbnail

    Pressure in the Maroczy Bind

    IM attilaturzo Oct 16, 2017, 3:00 AM

    Against the tournament leader, national master Gabriel Bick I played the hyper accelerated dragon and he decided to build up the Maroczy Bind.                              I had a hard time under the pressure and...

  • Road to GM: Isle of Man 2017's Thumbnail

    Road to GM: Isle of Man 2017

    ChessBrah Oct 6, 2017, 8:18 AM

    With the last-minute registration of GM Magnus Carlsen, the 2017 Isle of Man International cemented itself as the strongest open tournament in the world to my knowledge. The Chessbrahs and chess.com have...

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