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  • The Schliemann Gambit

    The Schliemann (AKA Jaenisch) Gambit is one of Black's most aggressive responses to the time-tested Ruy Lopez. Some say the Schliemann is unsound, but GM Melikset Khachiyan (Melik) believes the Schliemann is better than its reputation. In thi... | Read More

  • U.S. Chess League Highlights - 2013

    In its 10th season, the United States Chess League brought its action live to This annual contest between the strongest chess cities in the United States brought together a congregration of enthusiastic spectators to commentate, critici... | Read More

  • USCL: Game of the Week

    The US Chess League pits the chess cities of the United States against each other in a winner-take-all, no-holds-barred annual battle royale. In 2013, 16 cities faced off for the title of US Chess League Champion. Divided into two divisi... | Read More

  • Video Guide

    Need a little help navigating the hundreds of videos on Use this guide. The Opening Development For Beginners: This long series goes from the most basic up to the very complex. Pawn Structure 101: Everything you needed t... | Read More

  • Unmovable Feast

    In the US, *the* annual chess celebration is not the exclusive and elite US Championship, but the World Open – the biggest US open tournament hosted in Philadelphia. Many sacrifice their time with family during the long weekend to get a shot... | Read More

    • Game of the Week: Blunderfest

      Often, it can be very easy to focus on the games where we played exceptionally well, but the truth is that not all games are so pretty. In order to truly get a good picture of your own skill, it is important to analyze all your games--even the one... | Read More

      • ijgeoffrey
      • | Sep 23, 2016
    • Game of the Week: One Little Slip

      Many times, chess games are ultimately defined by a single move. Sometimes this takes the form of a brilliant tactic or a beautiful positional move. But other times, the pivotal moment is just a simple mistake. While I always love games where I ... | Read More

      • ijgeoffrey
      • | Sep 16, 2016
    • Game of the Week

      Welcome to the Game of the Week!!!!! This week I'm going to share a game I won resignation. I thought I would share it because you don't see these discovered attacks very often! Good game Hannah!   | Read More

      • njacobson
      • | Sep 14, 2016
    • Game of the Week

      This game was very fun to play! Look alive next post will be a game I lost! | Read More

      • njacobson
      • | Sep 9, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • Game of the Week: Key Squares

      Have you ever played a game where you felt like your mind was exceptionally clear? Did you soundly trounce your opponent, turning his minor inaccuracies into major advantages for yourself? Well that's what happened to me in this game. This week's... | Read More

      • ijgeoffrey
      • | Sep 5, 2016

  • Mistakes that beginners make

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    • | 22 Reads

    Somebody once told me that people rated two thousand were horrible chess players.  They are what I would call beginners.  So if your rated two thousand or below (Or above) Don't feel bad!  World champion, Magnus Carleson (2850)  Is no better.... Read More »

  • Danish Gambit

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    • | 13 Reads

    The Danish Gambit is an ultra-agressive opening for white. It is not commonly seen in tournament play since lines have been found to blunt it. It is still occasionally seen in amateur play though. In this gambit white sacks 3 pawns for one, hoping... Read More »

  • Why you should almost never advance the soldier on f7!

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    • | 6 Reads

    You know in chess, your entire army works as a team!! But sometimes  a piece rebels against the king. They are out to cause trouble! Either that or they made the wrong move at the wrong time! In this case the f7 pawn made the same mistake! Or the... Read More »

  • You never know when you will face these very unusual and usual places

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    • | 2219 Reads

    There are many positions in chess! There are three phases of the game-Beginning-middlegame-and Endgame! We will focus mainly on the Endgame today!!  This Endgame is simple.  It is focusing on the King and pawn versus king. This position is won-... Read More »

  • Chess tips

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    • | 2411 Reads

    You always want to improve your game. Here are 5 simple and easy chess tips. 1 Attack with all your pieces 2 don't bring out your queen too early 3 Take your time 4 Don't play odd moves to confuse the other player unless you are 100 percent su... Read More »