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      • sebass34
      • | Sep 19, 2016
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      • Aarao
      • | Sep 6, 2016
    • My Chess Games 02: Scotch Adventure

      Not sure whether my fascination with Scotch opening started as a just defense against Ruy Lopez or Italian - since everybody seemed well-prepared in those openings, or failure in crazy gambits such as Danish Gambit, but Gary Kasparov's world cham... | Read More

      • Samad1
      • | Jun 10, 2016

Video Lessons

  • Modern Benoni

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    The Modern Benoni is a chess opening that begins with the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 e6. It is classified under the ECO codes A60–A79. After the initial moves, Black proceeds to capture on d5, creating a majority of black pawns... Read More »

  • Campomanes, Florencio

    • 29 Reads
    • | 29 Reads

    Florencio Basa Campomanes, born Feb 22, 1927, was the first non-European elected FIDE President (1982-1995).  In 1956, he was the first National Master of the Philippines Chess Federation.  He won the Philippine championship in 1956 and 1960.  ... Read More »

  • Mieses Opening

    • 6 Reads
    • | 6 Reads

    The Mieses Opening is a chess opening that begins with the move: 1. d3The opening is named after the German-British grandmaster Jacques Mieses. It is considered an irregular opening, so it is classified under the A00 code in the Encyclop... Read More »

  • Van't Krujis Opening

    • 2239 Reads
    • | 2239 Reads

    The Van't Kruijs[1] Opening (Dutch pronunciation: [vɑn ət ˈkrœys]) is a chess opening defined by the move: 1. e3It is named after the Amsterdam player Maarten van't Kruijs (1813–85) who won the sixth Dutch championship in 1878.... Read More »

  • Adams, Michael

    • 18 Reads
    • | 18 Reads

    Michael Adams was born on Nov 17, 1971 in Truro, Cornwall, England.  He learned chess from his father at the age of 6. In November 1979, he played in his first chess tournament, the Cornwall Under-10 Championship, and won it.  In 1980, Adams... Read More »