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  • Nakamura, MVL To Play Death Match Monday

    Two of the best chess players in the world will face off Monday morning in the biggest Death Match of all time as American number-one GM Hikaru Nakamura is set to battle French number-one GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. The match will be br... | Read More

  • The Duke

          Many people who have no knowledge of or even interest in Chess know the name Bobby Fischer because he is so iconic.  There are such icons in all endeavors - those who transcend their fields and become public figures, such as Einstein... | Read More

  • Sokolsky/Polish Opening (1.b4). Basic Opening Theory.

         The Sokolsky Opening 1. b4 (also known as the Polish opening, Polish Attack, Orangutan) relates to the closed openings and is considered an irregular opening. It ranks ninth in popularity and is seldom played in top-level games and officia... | Read More

  • Chess and Music

    Hello, and welcome to my first article for  Given that I'm not a professional chess player (far from it) and that my actual occupation is in music it was easy to decide upon the subject of music and chess, especially as there's been so... | Read More

  • Mouret

          During the first quarter of the 18th century when Deschapelles and Labourdonnais reigned supreme at the highest level of French chess, it's said that the next level was occupied by Pierre Charles Fournier de Saint-Amant, Hyacinthe Henr... | Read More

    • Lazy Intuition

      As a chess reporter I attend many chess festivals and top tournaments, but last week I was reminded that many times the game is enjoyed on a small scale. I played the Geraardsbergen Open and liked it just because of that: as a small and ... | Read More

    • Kebun Anggur Nabot

      Hari itu, saat saya sedang duduk-duduk sambil makan-makan dan minum-minum, tiba-tiba Ahab raja Israel datang dengan helicopter terbarunya dan lalu menyapa seperti biasa: Ahab: “Pagi Bot, gimana kabar kamu hari ini, masih hidup?” Saya: “K... | Read More

      • Aurrvellis
      • | Aug 8, 2016
    • Shaun V World: You Play Your Mother With That Opening?

      Rounds 2 and 3 of the World Open happened yesterday.  Have you ever been minding your own business, playing good chess, when someone comes out with the stupidest, least sound opening since the orangutan?  Surely that's happened to all of... | Read More

      • shaun
      • | Jul 2, 2016
    • Life of a Female Chess Player Pt. III: How it all Started

      Dear All, I apologize to everyone who enjoys reading my blogs for not posting in a long time. Due to the personal implications that writing these blogs have on my personal psyche, I struggle to write them sometimes. Long breaks are necessary for ... | Read More

    • Florida Massacre

      I wish to express my great sadness at such a senseless act of violence. My condolences are extended to everyone affected by this tragic event. To be honest, I am rather avoiding discussions and reports revolving around this horrible event. I am d... | Read More