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  • An insight on : the humble pawn

    Pawn: The weakest of pieces. However, there are eight of them, so if used efficiently and wisely, a pawn structure can block even the best of strategies. Also, the pawn can work with another piece to take down the enemy. As there are eight pawns,... | Read More

    • Top Players in Chess.com that have not lost a single game!

      I was wandering around Chess.com and I took a look at the first page of top players. I realized that there are many undefeated players. That is amazing, I think we have a huge amount of good player. (would be nice to have a tourney of only this pl... | Read More

    • Week Report No 25

      Sunday evening, and it's time for the next week report! Hey - it's near to a half year I am here! I felt as it's much longer! First of all , I wrote an article this week in the forum, and I publish it also at my blog here: Women in Chess. Usuall... | Read More

    • Week Report No 7

      I reduced a number of games, and also a time spent here and in analysis. At the moment, only seven games in progress. Three are (still) in the 2nd Chess.com Tournament (1801-2000). In a game agaist derveluche, it's 66th move, and I strugle for... | Read More

    • Week Report No4

      It is the weekend again, and time for my week report! The last one you can see here: Week Report No3. There are 56 reads, so there are people who track my activities! However, it is usefull for myself, as I said. I am going to use vocation after ... | Read More

    • Endgame Blog

      Gonnosuke and I are pounding out a fun rook and pawn endgame and thought that an "Endgame Blog" would be a good idea.  It fits a niche' that doesn't have a spot on Chess.com (e.g. there's not an endgame equivalent to &qu... | Read More