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    • Blitz Chess #367: Black Knights' Tango

      This is a blitz chess game I played as black with time control 5|0. The opening played was the Black Knights' Tango by transposition. Black offers up some space in exchange for a defined pawn center and some dark square play . There is a little wa... | Read More

    • Accelerated Dragon Reflection Part 1: Introduction and Simple Joys

      Hello! Leaving off from the last post, I will be reviewing my personal journey with the Accelerated Dragon. My first official coach is Michael Aigner (fpawn), and he taught me the simple,dynamic, and positionally justified opening of the Acceler... | Read More

      • yian123
      • | Aug 18, 2016
    • Patience Padawan

      To everyone, a good day! Round 3 of the August Knights tournament was yesterday, and despite horrible play, I came out with a victory.  I am now 3-0 with two rounds to go.  I expect to play black against a 1750 or so in my next round.   I overh... | Read More

    • I made a band saw chess set!

      Hello,       A few months ago my sister picked up an antique card table with a chess set inlay as a gift for me. It was one of those spur of the moment "what a deal" purchases. I think she paid ten dollars for the table. Sadly it di... | Read More

      • giraffupus
      • | Aug 11, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • This is my new Blog! It is my favorite blog, because it is my blog!

      Alright folks, I have decided to start using this blog feature to track my progress in chess.  Feel free to read, feel free to critique, feel free to give words of encouragement. Or don't....really I just wanted a place to store my thoughts, a jo... | Read More

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  • List of chess variants

    • 65 Reads
    • | 65 Reads

    A chess variant (or unorthodox chess) is a game "related to, derived from or inspired by chess".[2] The difference from chess might include one or more of the following: different rules for capture, move order, game objective, etc.; addition... Read More »

  • The Four Knights Opening

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    The Four Knights is one of the most popular openings in the world. It has been used millions of times by amateurs and grandmasters alike. The Four Knights opening is fairly simple, starting with 1. e4 e5, then bringing the four knights out onto th... Read More »

  • Shogi

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    Shogi is the Japanese form of Chess. It has been evolving in a different direction as international Chess for more than 1000 years, however, and its history contains many Shogi variants, some even still played today. Modern Shogi is played on a 9x... Read More »

  • English Defence

    • 4 Reads
    • | 4 Reads

    The English Defence is a chess opening characterised by the moves: 1. d4 e62. c4 b6White often gains a broad pawn centre with 3.e4, which Black puts pressure on with moves like ...Bb7, ...Bb4, and sometimes even ...Qh4 and/or ...f5. It w... Read More »

  • Dunst Opening

    • 10 Reads
    • | 10 Reads

    The Dunst Opening is a chess opening where White opens with the move: 1. Nc3This fairly uncommon opening may have more names than any other: it is also called the Heinrichsen Opening, Baltic Opening, van Geet's Opening, Sleipnir Opening,... Read More »