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  • Learning Chess Patterns Is Easy

    • IM Silman
    • Dec 29, 2016, 8:11 AM

    I recently noticed an article that tried to clarify what a pattern is. I found it quite agonizing since the writer didn’t understand patterns but was trying hard to isolate exactly what it was (a noble...

  • American Woman - Part I

      Preface:      An official U.S. Women's Chess Championship has existed for nearly 80 years.  The USCF lists 1937 as the first year.  There have been many strong and important...

  • Am I Too Old For Chess?

    I recently received a question from one of our fellow members. Since I've heard this question many times, I decided to share my opinion on the subject. The question goes like this: "I am 25 years...

  • Eisenberg's Strange Gambit

          One of the oddest, yet intriguing variations in the King's Gambit Accepted is one discovered by Louis Eisenberg.             ...

  • 7 Reasons To Watch Carlsen vs Nakamura Thursday

    • pete
    • Oct 20, 2016, 4:43 AM

    Attention all chess fans: This is not a drill. This Thursday, Magnus Carlsen faces Hikaru Nakamura for the inaugural Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship. It's the match we've all been waiting for,...

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  • Compare! And add !

    When I started to learn Italian language, I discovered some funny coincidence between pronunciations some words, similar in meaning in two different languages.  For example,  Italian occhio  and  oko (in old-Russian/poetic...

  • Life Imbalances and Chess - My Story

    In the year and a half I've been playing chess on a serious level, I've heard a similar topic come up over internet forums, YouTube, and in chess clubs that I've visited.  The topic is phrased in different ways,...

  • PRO Chess League Week 1 Predictions

    I have absolutely no idea why, but for some reason I have been asked to be a part of the PRO Chess League Prediction Panel. I'll do my best. As this is my first blog post on, I'll start with a quick introduction...

  • A change... 2017=more chess!

    Time for a change. 2016 was a good year but now it's over. Just too many comments based on my profile picture. I get it , yes I really do guys. But Iḿ only here to play chess. So stop sending nffw pictures. And...

  • Chess Moves To Win: Masters’ Secret To Success Revealed

    • Aarao
    • Dec 27, 2016, 1:59 PM

    Chess is a game that involves decision making and strategy. The best chess masters take time studying their opponents' move very much ahead of time. The chess moves to win are being looked into as the masters' secret...

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