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Location: Haight & Ashbury, San Francisco, United States
Joined: 1/2/08
Last Online: 9/5/16
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    • The Foodstamp-Fischer Variation of the Bongcloud

      I want to bring to the world the latest innovations in Bongcloud theory, from the Bongcloud variation with no name, which I am dubbing the Foodstamp-Fischer variation of the Bongcloud, given that it has been played to great effect by both Bobby Fi... | Read More

    • Bongcloud Chess and Randy Savage

      Lenny_Bongcloud wrote: here it iss dueds!!! Fierst time man!!! Lenny wins!!! http://www.chess.com/echess/game.html?id=4130731&alert=1   All I can say is Thank You, Lenny In Randy Savage's name we pray. Amen. | Read More

    • Chess.com Family tree

      I just felt like re-posting this again on here: gauss1181 (creator)+spice (Generation One) (Me and Spice are married!) Generation 2: kronick-eshultz-Gaby-HieMuffinMan-Pillsbury_Doughboy-nickel1356 Gen 2 Marriages: kronick+eshultz, add+munchk... | Read More

      • gauss1181
      • | Jul 18, 2008