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  • Book Review: Chess Tactics For Champions

    Sure, I know what you are thinking:  "YATB, Stick?  Really?"  Yup, that's right, Yet Another Tactics Book, folks.  I figure that I can always do with some more tactics study in whatever form it might take, and Susan Polgar's Chess Tactics For ... | Read More

  • Basic Endings: Rook vs Knight

    vs This is one of the 100 endgame you must know, says GM Jesus de la Villa. It was also the subject of the first recorded chess endgame study by Al-Aldi in 842 AD. I. Evaluation & Principles 71% draws. Usually won if the knight ventures a... | Read More

  • Tactial Warfare: The Pin

    A great player once said "Chess is 99% tactics!" While modern masters argue chess is only 90% tactics these days, it's still the most profitable area for amateurs to study. Tactical Warfare: The Pin Target Audience: <1600 on The ... | Read More

  • My System, chapter one is online!

    My System, chapter one arms players with the strategems they need to compete in the opening and early middlegame: Lesson 1 covers §1.1- §1.3 which explain how to develop your pieces efficiently. Lesson 2 covers §1.4 and dea... | Read More

  • How to Play Endgames Brilliantly

    When you finish this article, you will be able to see ten half-moves ahead, just like Josh Waitzkin did in the movie, "Searching for Bobby Fischer". Let's begin by looking at a K+P vs K+P endgame played brilliantly by GM Pavasovic la... | Read More

    • My System Retaught

      Hello everyone. Today, I am starting my version of My System, by Aron Nimzowitsch. I will reteach this book by one of the world's greatest chess masters.  Now, I want to tell you all that I got the idea from likesforests and give all credit to h... | Read More

      • DylanK25
      • | Dec 26, 2014
    • A note of thanks

      When I joined, it didn't take me very long to realize how poor my chess skill was. Well, I am no ace now. I still blunder a lot. I still can't foresee my opponent's strong moves. I can't do without the analysis board. I still play more ... | Read More

      • Sas3
      • | Feb 9, 2010
    • content summary

       Yet again, it's THAT time! The last time I posted a content summary was 07/19/2009. Due to the number or recent postings, I think it's time to update. Because of the quantity of links, I made the font tiny. Remember, if you want to zoom in,... | Read More

      • batgirl
      • | Sep 7, 2009
    • Content Summary

       It's THAT time again! The last time I posted a content summary was 12/04/2008. It's time to update. Because of the quantity of links, I made the font tiny. Remember, if you want to zoom in, press ctrl +  (hold down the ctrl key while pressi... | Read More

      • batgirl
      • | Jul 19, 2009
    • My "Slowest" Tourney, Finale

      Round 3: likesforests vs 1200 After a good night's sleep I was ready to rumble. More than once I stopped to admire the trophy that might soon be mine. Round 4: 1500 vs likesforests I'm up against a Russian who hasn't competed in a US tournamen... | Read More