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  • American Woman - Part III

      Preface:      An official U.S. Women's Chess Championship has existed for nearly 80 years.  The USCF lists 1937 as the first year.  There have been many strong and important...

  • Who Will Win PRO Chess League Week 2?

    The PRO Chess League's panel of pundits is back for week two. The second week of action is rivalry week (amongst the teams, not the panel, we think)! For more on who the quintet comprising the illustrious panel,...

  • Do Not Misuse Your Chess Computer!

    My favorite episode from The Prince And The Pauper happens towards the end of the story: "Speak up, good lad, and fear nothing," said the king. "How used you the Great Seal of England?" Tom stammered a moment,...

  • PRO Chess League Guide

    The PRO Chess League pits cities and regions around the globe against one another in fast-paced online play. With 48 teams from five continents and top players such as World Champion Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano...

  • PRO Chess League Official Rules

    PRO Chess League Rules as of 1/14/2017: A. Eligibility and Team Makeup   A.1. Team rosters A lineup is the four players you are using each match. A roster is the total list of players you have...

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  • French Defense Indian' Kings Varation

    This is what I used to play,- French Defense Indian' Kings Variation But unfortunately I did this STEP later, which had brought me like this. __Game__ Daksys...

  • First Blog Post for Sherlockian100

    I had one of those families that did not take many pictures or videos (granted video recorders weighed 30 pounds and had to be carried around on one's shoulder). As a result, I didn't have many pictures to show...

  • SCL championships round 3.

    What an elementary mistake, allowing a discovered attack with check and losing my queen in the process.   Chess is tough. You play  18 good moves, 1 inaccuracy and then 1 careless blunder and its curtains.  I need...

  • Book based course to take you to 2000 strength in slow chess

    INTRODUCTION I was recently asked by an intermediate player how to set about improving to 2000 strength and wrote a detailed reply.  As it might be useful to other players I am posting it (lightly edited) here....

  • PRO Chess League - Week 2 Preview: Battle of the Bay!

    It's the Battle of the Bay, as Week 2 of the PRO Chess League will feature the San Francisco Mechanics vs. San Jose Hackers facing off today at 6:40 PM Pacific. Both teams are powerful, ambitious, and contain...

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