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Location: rajkot, India
Joined: 11/23/15
Last Online: 11/23/15
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Location: United States
Joined: 8/10/15
Last Online: 8/13/15
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Location: Romania
Joined: 11/5/13
Last Online: 12/27/14
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Location: Bardoli, India
Joined: 7/5/12
Last Online: 12/30/13
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  • About is #1 in online chess... But who are we? Where did come from? Where are we going? The started in 2005 when two friends — Jay and Erik (that's me!) — decided the world needed a better chess websi... | Read More

    • Meet the Gang

      I'm (relatively) new here at, and I love it. I've been doing iOS here for a few months and I can safely say that I've enjoyed very aspect of this job. From challenging problems, to making my own hours, to getting to work with suprem... | Read More

      • propagun
      • | Sep 30, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • Two Ambitious Resolutions

      What a week! I learned many things at this year's meetup in Miami, but two hit home very hard: 1. We are very privileged to work at a place such as this, where the culture is friendly, welcoming, positive and forward-thinking, but... | Read More

      • AndyJessop
      • | Sep 28, 2016
    • Where a journey of an unknown number of points begins with a single tournament

      While it's fresh in my mind I'm going to record my thoughts on the Seafair Open 2016, my first tournament, which ended today, to give me something to look back on.  Though my Dad taught me to play when I was a kid I don't think I had any idea th... | Read More

    • Lets create a group of Indian offline tournament players

      Hi Everyone , Lets create a group where all indian players will be there who play offline tournaments ...  I my self is unrated as I never played any offline tournament ... Heard a news about a tournament in Delhi on october under 1600 players ..... | Read More

    • Chess Meetup goes National

      Good People,   The Singapore Chess Meetup that I run weekly on Wednesday has been featured in the National Newspaper.   If you live in Singapore or ... | Read More