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  • "Secrets of Grandmaster Play" by John Nunn and Peter Griffiths

    I will be reviewing one of the most influential books I had early on in my chess development. This is an excellent book by grandmaster John Nunn and Peter Griffiths. Secrets of Grandmaster Play is at once a best...

  • How to Avoid Blunders. Part 2

    • GM Gserper
    • Jul 16, 2011, 11:54 PM

    Today we'll continue to discuss the nature of chess blunders and the ways to prevent or at least minimize them.  2) Blunders due to premature relaxation This is an extremely common type of blunder and an especially...

  • Botvinnik's Legacy

    • GM Gserper
    • Mar 20, 2011, 12:40 AM

    The sixth World Champion Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik was born on August 17, 1911, so this year the World Community will celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth and FIDE has announced that 2011 will be the...

  • Playing On Both Sides Of The Board

    Just as circumstances in one part of the world can affect events in far-flung places, moves on one side of the chessboard can have a dramatic effect on the other side of the board.  In this game, White creates some...

  • The Unsung Heroes

    Today we are going to talk about the unsung heroes of chess - pawns. In openings we are happy to sacrifice the little guys in order to get some positional or dynamic advantages (a strong center, lead in the development,...

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  • Navara Beats Aronian In Tata Steel

    Official Website Round 11 Report The 10,000-euro first prize in Grandmaster Group A at the 74th annual Tata Steel Chess Tournament was up for grabs again after an exciting eleventh round played havoc with the standings...

  • Gelfand Wins In Kazan!

    At last! After five straight draws the odds on a decisive result in the last game of the Candidates final in Kazan were not looking good, but Boris Gelfand broke the deadlock to win with some excellent play! Gelfand...

  • Anand Beats Carlsen In London

    The third round at the London Chess Classic pitted world champion Vishy Anand against his heir apparent, Magnus Carlsen.  After a six-hour fight it was the Tiger from Madras who layed his young opponent low. Carlsen...

  • Kramnik Wins Bilbao 2010

    Vladimir Kramnik comfortably achieved a draw with the black pieces in the final round against Shirov which was enough to finish as the sole winner of the Bilbao Final Masters 2010. Only Anand could catch Kramnik,...

  • Opportunities Missed In Bilbao

    The fourth round in Bilbao could easily have ended with two decisive games, but slight inaccuracies and perhaps fatigue crept in. Anand's game with Shirov was a wild encounter, with Anand (pictured) seemingly fated...


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