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  • Mikhail Tal And The Modern Benoni

    Botvinnik had regained the title from Smyslov in their 1958 rematch, but soon he had a new challenger: the fiery Latvian player Mikhail Tal. Tal had appeared out of nowhere, and within a few years went from an unknown young player to a challenge... | Read More

  • The 7 Weirdest Chess Openings

    Everyone knows the popular, "normal" openings played at the top level of chess. The Ruy-Lopez, the Sicilian, the French: thousands of pages have been written about these world-championship-level openings.  But what if you're not playing a... | Read More

  • Clash of Champions: Tal vs. Botvinnik

    Mikhail Botvinnik had regained the world championship in 1958, but soon after the chess world's attention was captured by the rapid ascent of a young player with an unusually sharp and creative style: the Latvian Mikhail Tal.  Frequently ma... | Read More

  • The Bill Gates Variation

    How many of you could get a winning position against Magnus Carlsen after just eight moves of play? How many chess players in the world could do it? I know one of them, and his name is Bill Gates! Image: NRK/YouTube Not only did he achiev... | Read More

  • The Velimirovic's Guide to the Modern Benoni, Part Two

    Today we'll continue learning typical ideas of the Modern Benoni using Velimirovic's games. But first, I would like to address the concern of one of our readers who, in his comments, expressed disappointment that none of Velimirovic's opponents pl... | Read More

    • Punished Overambition

      On Sunday, I really played for a win. In a Modern Benoni I early went for f4?! to open the center with a possible e4-e5 pawn sacrifice. After slight imprecise play of my opponent I had actually the better of it but failed to find 16.Qc2!. Later... | Read More

      • kurze15
      • | Jan 20, 2016
    • OTB Bliss

      During the last years, a busy life has largely kept me out of otb events, tournaments and team competitions alike. Actually my last tournament has taken place in 2010. Playing turn based games and votechess on this site has been the only opportuni... | Read More

      • Torkil
      • | Jan 3, 2016
    • Modern Benoni

      Benoni Defense - Modern Benoni - Taimanov Variation | Read More

      • NuWave
      • | Oct 22, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Contender Series 13 Online October 23, 2015 Match-Up Analysis VS X_PLAYER_J_X                          HowDoIChangeMyName Players Chess Knowledge High                                         Opening   ... | Read More

    • MFO #3 Benoni Defense

      Another one of my favorite openings is the Benoni Defense, I like because it it fairly easy to play and people usually follow the main lines of it. There are actually two main Benoni's the most common(Modern Benoni) and the older less common one(O... | Read More

      • Graber7
      • | Sep 5, 2015

Video Lessons

  • Soltis, Andrew

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    Andrew (andy) Solits is an American grandmaster.  In 1979, Soltis began writing a monthly column called “Chess to Enjoy” for Chess Life magazine.  It is the longest running column in that magazine.  In 1980, Soltis was awarded the G... Read More »

  • Fried Liver Attack

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     The Fried Liver Attack is a continuation of the Two Knights Defense. It is an aggressive gambit where white gives up a knight in exchange for poor king safety for black. This attack has not been proven decisive, especially under slower time cont... Read More »

  • Shogi

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    Shogi is the Japanese form of Chess. It has been evolving in a different direction as international Chess for more than 1000 years, however, and its history contains many Shogi variants, some even still played today. Modern Shogi is played on a 9x... Read More »

  • Modern Benoni

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    The Modern Benoni is a chess opening that begins with the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 e6. It is classified under the ECO codes A60–A79. After the initial moves, Black proceeds to capture on d5, creating a majority of black pawns... Read More »

  • Queens Pawn Game

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    In the most general sense the term Queen's Pawn Game can refer to any chess opening which starts with the move 1.d4. It is the second most popular opening move after 1.e4. The name is usually used to describe openings beginning with 1.d4 wher... Read More »