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  • Live Sessions

    What motivated this move? Was that a blunder? How deeply did he calculate in this position? How many candidate moves did she consider? Did he memorize that entire opening? Why did she exchange these pieces and not those? How does he play so fast?!... | Read More

  • The Anti-Sicilians

    Are you tired of tackling the Sicilian Defense as White? There are just so many variations — The Dragon, the Najdorf, the Sveshnikov, the Scheveningen... It's exhausting! There are so many variations and ideas you have to know if you do... | Read More

  • Ben Finegold's Road To GM Video Series

    Explore the rise to GM by Ben Finegold in this fun series. Learn how a strong master earns the coveted grandmaster title, experiencing the highs and lows along with GM Finegold himself. You might be surprised by the kind of preparation it tak... | Read More

  • The Scandinavian Defense: A History

    The time has come to look at the history of perhaps the first chess opening: the Scandinavian Defense.  Also known as the Center-Counter, the Scandinavian Defense can be viewed as the most direct and forcing counter to 1.e4. The intrep... | Read More

  • The Smith-Morra Gambit: A History, Part 2

    Last week, we examined the origins of the Smith-Morra Gambit.  As the Smith-Morra began to encounter strong players, a variety of different responses developed. In the early days, declining the gambit was actually quite popular. In fact, ... | Read More

    • Smith-Morra Gambit, and my shortest game

      Hi! This is pete-2. And now I want to share with you my shortest game. It's Smith-Morra Gambit, very interesting and controversial opening. After 3.c3 the only move is ...dxc3. My opponent hurried making his moves, and he made big mistake in the b... | Read More

      • pete-2
      • | Jul 25, 2016
    • Morra Gambit Pattern

      | Read More

      • DAlbanesi
      • | Jul 11, 2016
    • Ups and Downs in the Morra Gambit

      In 2012 I hold the 1000 Bright Minds event, where I played simultaneously with more than 1000 players. One of my opponents, Alan, asked my opinion about our game. I annotated the game and I share it with you. He played the Morra Gambit which gives... | Read More

    • Houston City Championship 2016

      Disclaimer: Unless you are me or know me, you probably won't find this post interesting. I'm just posting to capture my thoughts and share with friends.   Location: Center64 in Houston, TX My section: Amateur U1900 Format: SS5, G/120;d/5  Cros... | Read More

      • Ybarsabal
      • | Jun 15, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • My Repertoire 2 Jun 2016 : Evolving Scores

       2/6    White: 61.3% Scotch: 58.3% Smith-Morra: 40.0%           Black: 47.3% Scandinavian: 50.0% Slav: 33.35 | Read More

      • sixhat
      • | Jun 2, 2016

Video Lessons


  • A00 to E99

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    This is a list of chess openings, organised by the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) code. In 1966, Chess Informant categorised the chess openings into five broad areas ("A" through "E"), with each of those broken down into one hundred subcate... Read More »

  • Smith, Ken

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    Ken Smith (1930-1999) was a Texas master who founded Chess Digest in 1962.  In 1954 he won the British Open and the British Blitz Championship while stationed in England as an Air Force enlisted man.  He was not given a prize because he ... Read More »