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  • Player Profiles: GM Melikset Khachiyan

    • Englix
    • Jul 24, 2013, 10:55 PM

    Grandmaster Melikset Khachiyan is a genuinely great conversation partner and a tough chess player, something former world champion Boris Spassky got to experience over a bottle of whisky in Teherean in 1992. Born...

  • My System, chapter one is online!

    My System, chapter one arms players with the strategems they need to compete in the opening and early middlegame: Lesson 1 covers §1.1- §1.3 which explain how to develop your pieces efficiently....

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  • Practice makes patzer - how I went 116 games without improving.

    I'm a bit of a data junky, so understandably I got excited about the announcement of's Computer Aggregated Precision Score system. The CAPS system applies a score from zero to 100 percent to a given game,...

  • Advanced Opening Analyzes in Bughouse : The Leaf Gambit e4 d5

    • Sorsi
    • Jan 13, 2017, 12:02 PM

    In this post i will do a profound analyzes of the so called leaf gambit in bughouse 1.e4 d5. Although this is not my weapon of choice it is a common system in bughouse and it deserves some deep analyzes. Lets talk...

  • 対局考察Part2 ―敗北から学ぶ―

    ( ゚Д゚)「今回は、だいぶ簡潔に作ってみた。文字は少なく。」( ゚Д゚) ∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽ ●挨拶 こんにちはあるとです。 先日、フォロワーのskramchiさんとのデイリーチェスを終え、敗北したので、その棋譜を材料に、学んでいきたいと思って、記事を書いてみた! ここに書いてあることはすべてが正しいわけではないので良い子のみんなは注意だ 本局のタイムコントロールは一手/一日 僕が白番。 使用オープニングはReti...

  • Ласкер попал в шахматную ловушку в дебюте "Северный га

    Ласкер попал в шахматную ловушку в дебюте "Северный гамбит"!ПОДПИШИТЕСЬ НА НАШ КАНАЛ СПАСИБО!

  • For 'intelligent' robot, chess is just a hobby

    • Aarao
    • Jan 9, 2017, 2:41 PM

    A robot developed by engineers in Taiwan can pour coffee and move chess pieces on a board against an opponent, but he's looking for a real job. The robot developed by Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute,...


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