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  • System-Engineering
    Online Nov 6, 2013

    System Engineering | International

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  • system2014
    Online Jul 3, 2014

    system system | system un, Bolivia

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  • DSI-System
    Online Apr 4, 2015

    DSI System | Bridgewater, Australia

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  • System_panos
    Online Jan 5, 2009

    Panos system | Greece

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  • SysReq
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    System Request | Ontario, Canada

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  • Player Profiles: GM Melikset Khachiyan

    • Englix
    • Jul 24, 2013, 10:55 PM

    Grandmaster Melikset Khachiyan is a genuinely great conversation partner and a tough chess player, something former world champion Boris Spassky got to experience over a bottle of whisky in Teherean in 1992. Born...

  • My System, chapter one is online!

    My System, chapter one arms players with the strategems they need to compete in the opening and early middlegame: Lesson 1 covers §1.1- §1.3 which explain how to develop your pieces efficiently....

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  • Dominate with the Double Fianchetto!

    This week’s free webinar is going to reveal an opening system quietly being adopted by the elite players, with Kramnik pioneering it at the top level. The Double Fianchetto system is a flexible, positionally sound...

  • My System for a World Championship Match

    Many chess players are weighing in on how to make a World Championship match and/or cycle more interesting. I've included some links to various articles and blogs on the subject at the end of this blog. After reading...

  • Light & Dark : A Visual Guide to Crazyhouse

    Light & Dark: A Visual Guide to Crazyhouse (visual ideas behind the moves in crazyhouse and bughouse) mastertan 2016 In light of the increasing amount of activity of crazyhouse chess, I’ve decided to write...

  • Why our weather is getting hotter

    Why is our world getting hotter? Its because of Climate Change. But why is climate change so bad, what is it and how can we prevent it? Importantly what is climate change? It's when a release of Carbon Dioxide,...

  • Change format World Championship: a simple solution

    A lot of criticism was heard after the quick draw in the 12th game of the World Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin. "Death of Classical Chess'' was a message spread on Twitter by several...

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