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  • The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

    The member Olaspecial wrote: “I am keen to become Nigeria’s next titled player (I hope this makes you smile) and I believe you can help me get there. I am diligent and I have been working hard at developing my opening repe... | Read More

  • A Monster Attack And Key Endgames

    I’ll start with a fun game. Black was so taken with his own brilliance that he wrote a blog about it, and he gave his opening a name: "The Magicians’ Attack!" Well, he should be excited since this kind of attack and subsequent m... | Read More

  • Touch-Move Rule Adventures

    I am probably a lucky guy, because I never had any "touch-move rule" episodes in my whole chess career.  Don't get me wrong, it happened numerous times in my games that either I or my opponent touched a wrong piece at a wrong time, but i... | Read More

  • Chess Patterns Are For Everyone

    I always mention the importance of patterns in chess. Unfortunately, many laugh at the thought, others prefer to ignore a reality (patterns) that demands hard work for those who dream of being a master, and some view patterns as nothi... | Read More

  • Are Pawns The Soul Of Chess?

    In last week's column we talked about the chess heritage of Francois Andre Danican Philidor. While his three endgame positions are truly a cornerstone of the endgame play, Philidor's most quoted saying that pawns are the soul o... | Read More

    • Learning the Spanish (Ruy Lopez): Misadventures in the Chigorin

      Exploring the Spanish: The Chigorin Part 2   In my last blog I introduced the Chigorin Variation of the Spanish, focusing on the Rubenstein line with 12...Nc6. Just as a reminder, the position is displayed below. The last post also included som... | Read More

    • xenophobic how to surprise black

      xenophobic opening - surprise black 1. h3 d52. g4 e5 3. Bg2 Nf6 4. c3 Bd6 5. d4exd4 6. cxd4 Nc6 7. Nf3 O-O 8. O-OBe6 9. Bg5 h6 10. Bh4 Qd7 11. Nbd2 | Read More

    • Chess Club Eustis, FL (Lake County)

      ***This is for Central Florida only*** We are looking for players in the Lake County Florida area (Tavares, Leesburg, Umatilla, Sorrento, Mt Dora, Eustis, Zellwood) to join us at the Magnolia Cafe in Eustis, FL to play chess. We meet every Wedn... | Read More

    • Learning the Spanish: Adventures in the Chigorin

        Exploring the Spanish: The Chigorin Part 1   The Spanish (Ruy Lopez) has always fascinated players. In a recent Q&A (via the Facebook page for his app) Carlsen recommended that players in the intermediate stages of their chess learn th... | Read More

    • English

      Hey y'all what are your english opening fav games/ fav lines? post them here please! | Read More

      • seadog181
      • | May 29, 2016

Video Lessons

  • I dare you to- SAC YOUR QUEENIE

    • 1 Read
    • | 1 Read

    Oh she's the most valuable piece alright!  That's what makes her so promising!  When you give up your queen (I don't reccomend it unless your playing me) You never know if it's a trap.  Leg'as mate was played by tow guys a little while back.  ... Read More »

  • King's Indian Defense

    • 591 Reads
    • | 591 Reads

    King's Indian Defense belongs to the Indian Defense family of openings and is characterised by the early fianchetoeing of the black dark-squared bishop on g7. It is a sharp opening and it has always been a very popular choice for black ever ... Read More »

  • Sicilian Defence

    • 695 Reads
    • | 695 Reads

      The Sicilian Defence is an opening very rich in independent variations to the extent that it is always mentioned along with the mainline variation that followed.Black's purpose of playing 1...c5 is to undermine white's center by taking cont... Read More »

  • Mark's Opening

    • 2 Reads
    • | 2 Reads

    Mark's Opening is a chess opening characterized by the moves 1   d4  Nf6 2 Nc3   d5 3 Bf4   This position can also be reached by transposition (the move order isn't important). The advantages of the opening include fast piece develo... Read More »

  • The Four Knights Opening

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    • | 1 Read

    The Four Knights is one of the most popular openings in the world. It has been used millions of times by amateurs and grandmasters alike. The Four Knights opening is fairly simple, starting with 1. e4 e5, then bringing the four knights out onto th... Read More »