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  • 2016 Year in Review

    My 2016 training plan was pretty audacious. I think I actually did pretty well except for that rating thing--but who cares about ratings, right? We're not our rating. We're people with names and families that love...

  • 10 ways to improve in chess

    There are thousands of the chess tutorials including chess books, DVDs, courses, video lessons, etc. As I often say, it is practically impossible to follow them all to make an improvement in your game. Remember,...

  • "Chess"

    The game of chess is one of man’s great creations.  The rules can seem arbitrary to a beginner, but are actually the product of over 1000 years of tinkering and refining.  The modern game—essentially unchanged now...

  • The Safest Scandinavian by Vassilios Kotronias

    • IM pfren
    • Dec 22, 2016, 1:31 PM

    The book is one of the latest additions to my chess library, as well as one of the most impressive ones.The target audience of the book is class players with limited time for opening preparation, but however this...

  • Mind Over Matter-Queen Sacrifices!

    Hi, chess lovers! I am inspired by the following games....looking at Emanuel Lasker's win against Euwe in 1934, where Lasker sacrifices his Queen and beats Euwe, one year before Euwe wins the World Championship...


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