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  • Carlsen Plays Chess On His Birthday

    Most people like to celebrate their birthdays and most of my readers like to play chess. Have you ever wondered what happens when you combine these two great things and play chess on your birthday? Well, recently...

  • Pattern Recognition—Fact Or Fiction?

    Chess players, chess authors and chess psychologists attempt to teach and explain chess playing with the concept of "pattern recognition": Pattern recognition is one of the most important mechanisms of chess...

  • 2017 PRO Chess League: Teams

    We are proud to welcome 48 teams, over 400 players and over 100 grandmasters to this inaugural season of the PRO Chess League! Listed here are all of the team rosters in rating order as well as links to social media...

  • Don’t Mock The Mockingbird

    • IM Silman
    • Dec 8, 2016, 4:33 AM

    This week we’re going to look at the games of the member Mockingbird2, who is majoring in chemical engineering but thinks he can become a chess master in another two years. At the moment he’s...

  • Who Are The Top 5 World Champions?

    • pete
    • Nov 15, 2016, 4:04 AM

    Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin are now battling each other in New York for the world chess championship. While Carlsen is the heavy favorite to retain his title, neither player has been able to break...

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  • Book based course to take you to 2000 strength in slow chess

    INTRODUCTION I was recently asked by an intermediate player how to set about improving to 2000 strength and wrote a detailed reply.  As it might be useful to other players I am posting it (lightly edited) here....

  • Goal: from 1600 to 2000 within the year of 2017

    From 1600 to 2000 within the year of 2017 This blog will be dedicated to my chess training. My goal is to go from 1600 in rating to 2000 within the year of 2017. Each week I will post a blog update about...

  • The Most Dominant Chess Players in History, 2016 version

    About three years ago, I made a statistical table about the most dominant world champions in history. Now I feel that it deserves an update - there are even more players in it now, and some results have changed...

  • Meet the 2017 Seattle Sluggers

      GM Gabriel Sargissian 2667   GM Tigran Petrosian 2592   GM Giorgi Margvelashvili 2530   GM Victor Mikhalevski 2508   IM Georgi Orlov 2475   FM Roland Feng 2340   FM Bryce Tiglon 2313   NM Kyle Haining 2216   NM...

  • Mind Over Matter-Queen Sacrifices!

    Hi, chess lovers! I am inspired by the following games....looking at Emanuel Lasker's win against Euwe in 1934, where Lasker sacrifices his Queen and beats Euwe, one year before Euwe wins the World Championship...

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  • 2016: The Year In Review

    • News
    • Dec 31, 2016, 10:37 AM

    For many, 2016 was a year to be forgotten. Political division and turmoil, the passing of many beloved persons, and acts of violence often dominated the news. However, in terms of chess, 2016 was a banner year....

  • Carlsen, Karjakin Draw Game 12; Playoffs Wednesday

    The big question for today's deciding game at the 2016 world chess championship was answered as soon as it was uttered. Tied 5.5-5.5, how much would GM Magnus Carlsen push with White against GM Sergey...

  • Mark Taimanov: 1926-2016

    In the night between Sunday and Monday, Mark Taimanov died in St. Petersburg at the age of 90. He was a world-class player for decades and one of the participants of the legendary Zurich 1953 Candidates'...

  • Karjakin And Carlsen Take Half Day With Short Draw In Game 6

    Sometimes entering theoretical territory produces a beautiful game at the world championship. Other times, the at-home analysis leads to short, uneventful draws. Today's fans paying the base ticket price essentially...

  • Anand Snags Lead On Champions Showdown Day 2

    The second day of the 2016 Champions Showdown saw plenty of fireworks with two more classical rounds in the unusual time control of game in 60 minutes with a five-second delay. All photos courtesy of...


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