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  • Arizona Scorpions Win USCL Opener

    By Steve Farmer My favorite time of year is finally here; cooler weather, football season under way, the World Series is around the corner... as is basketball. But above all else, the US Chess League has already started! hosted the US ... | Read More

    • Converting Arena's automatic analysis log to a PGN file

      This program converts automatic analysis log from Arena to an annotated PGN game. It basically mimics the computer analysis feature which unfortunately is limited to only 1 game per week for the freemium members. The output makes it easy to spot m... | Read More

    • On Old Dogs Learning New Tricks:

        What does chess improvement , neuroscience, Rolf Wetzell, and Cornell Note taking methods having in common?  For some reason I’ve been putting these concepts in my blender-brain ( or should  that be “blunderprone blender brain”) and tr... | Read More

    • Reading List and Downloads Page Updates

      I am very excited to announce some major updates to the Reading List and Downloads pages here at my blog! The Reading List  My goal with the reading list is to offer reviews and purchase opportunities for every chess book I own and/or h... | Read More

    • Update: The Best Android Apps for Chess

      I recently decided updated my post on The Best Android Apps for Chess. The post has been easily my most popular post on with over 30,000 reads; it's also one of the top hits for Android apps and chess. Since the post seems to be a usefu... | Read More

      • SamCopeland
      • | Jun 28, 2014
    • Digital Tools of the Trade

      The following list contains tools I use to work with PGN databases to find positions and use of tactics that are of interest to me. Finding key ideas and motifs is important for improvement as a Chess player. One may turn to a Chess database, but... | Read More

      • Geiss
      • | Apr 26, 2014