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  • How Chess Saved Beethoven

    A Little Background:      A man named Wolfgang von Kempelen created a supposed chess-playing machine in 1770.  A chess master cleverly concealed inside controlled the exposed turbaned, mustached figure and the moves... | Read More

  • Capt. Bertin's Gambit

         The Cunningham Defense in the King's Gambit Accepted begins 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Nf3 Be7.  White moves the Bishop to give his King a place to go with 4. Bc4.  If Black continues with the threatened 4... Bh4+ ... | Read More

  • Deja Vu In Endgames

    Do you ever see a chess position and have a strong feeling that you've seen it before? No, I am not talking about opening positions, that you see again and again and again in every single tournament (damn you, the Berlin variation!). And I am no... | Read More

  • Walker

    George  Walker    George Walker's life (1803-1879) spanned one of the most remarkable periods of chess.  As a chess player, he met and played such personalities as John Cochrane, William Lewis, Alexander McDonnell, Labourdonnais, Pierre Charl... | Read More

  • Professor of Chess

    Jacob Henry Sarratt (1772-1819)      Jacob Henry Sarratt, born in 1772, worked primarily as schoolmaster but was much better known for his avocations which, of course, included chess.      After Philidor's death, Verdoni (along with Leg... | Read More

    • King's Gambit - accept and hold the pawn | Part 2

      Philidor Hanstein  Muzio | Read More

    • Philidor Position

        cited from   | Read More

      • ichimame
      • | Apr 24, 2016
    • Upcoming Games

      Watch for upcoming Slow Chess League games on the live chess server this week:   Upcoming Games Schedule Tue 19th of Apr 2016 10:00 - 405 PegasusRider (1.0,1505) v P.C. Odio (1.0,1309)  Tue 19th of Apr 2016 12:00 - 301 TheIndomitableKan (2.0,... | Read More

      • SirIvanhoe
      • | Apr 19, 2016
    • Week of April 18, 2016

      Pairings for the Slow Chess League have been posted for the Week of April 18, 2016:  2016/04 League Qualifier Round 3 - Apr 18-24   101 Kostas Michailidis (2.0,1531) vs Mainline Novelty (2.0,1940)  102 Yuvaraj (2.0,1373) vs Peter Bernsma... | Read More

      • SirIvanhoe
      • | Apr 18, 2016
    • My Path to FM - Week 10/11

      This is a double whammy lol.  I didn't have much to write about last week so I figured I'd take a break.  This blog will take on a slightly different format because I haven't been training in exactly the same way.   I should start by mentioni... | Read More

      • ih8sens
      • | Apr 11, 2016

Video Lessons

  • Checkmate

    • 92 Reads
    • | 92 Reads

    Checkmate (frequently shortened to mate) is a situation in chess in which one player's king is in check and there is no way to remove that threat; it is a check from which there is no legal move to remove check through either capturing the pie... Read More »

  • Legal Trap

    • 4 Reads
    • | 4 Reads

    The Legal Trap is a trap that ocurs in the Philidor Defence.  It ocurs when Black tries to pin a knight to the queen. Black is down a pawn with no compensation.   Sometimes, h3 is not necessary. This example shows an example of t... Read More »

  • Cafe de Regence

    • 24 Reads
    • | 24 Reads

    Perhaps the most famous of coffee house where chess was played.   This coffee house was opened up in Paris in1718.  Chess players from Café Procope moved to the Café de la Regence.  Around 1740 chess players gathered there to play chess.  P... Read More »

  • Alekhine, Alexander

    • 16 Reads
    • | 16 Reads

    Alexander Alekhine (1892-1946) was the winner of the first Soviet Chess Championship (1920) and the only man to die while holding the world chess championship.  He learned chess from his older brother Alexei (1888-1939).  He studied law at the S... Read More »

  • Antoshin, Vladimir

    • 0 Reads
    • | 0 Reads

    Vladimir Sergeyevich Antoshin (ahn-TOE-sheen) was born on May 14, 1929 in Moscow. In 1954, he was part of the Soviet team that won the silver medal in first ever Student Chess Olympiad in Oslo.  He played 1st reserve.  Korchnoi played board 1.... Read More »