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    • moin time moino

      i play now speed chess and later every kind chess, when i move fast in speed chess i move my man or girl so fast away i move man or my girl in chess table then when opponent thing his or her move i have my man or girl allready in the place where t... | Read More

    • Chess Life Preview - April 2016

      Don't subscribe to the print issue? View the digital edition of Chess Life Magazine.  The Return of Handicap Chess Everything old is new again by GM Larry Kaufman "Just as around 1860 Paul Morphy proved so dominant over his ri... | Read More

    • Theory of Chess

      Beginner can hear many names of tactics, many variations of the main theme. It does not help much. It is nice to hear some theory from time to time, but you want to play now and you want to win immediately. Things does not go like that. After so... | Read More

    • Game is not over-Romantic story

                      Vijay pressed his temples. He came to know that he is going to lose. The blunder he had made in 23rd step left him on the edge of losing position. In just 4 or 5 steps, he is going to get ‘checkmate’. He has been think... | Read More

      • K_Hitesh
      • | Mar 17, 2016
    • Middlegame in Veresov

      Before my semifinal against Albin I predicted him to choose black wich would give him the spot in the final if the game went to a draw. This is the Öland Master rules, the lowrated player chooses coulor and black win if its a draw. Before I had s... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Danish Gambit

    • 16 Reads
    • | 16 Reads

    The Danish Gambit is an ultra-agressive opening for white. It is not commonly seen in tournament play since lines have been found to blunt it. It is still occasionally seen in amateur play though. In this gambit white sacks 3 pawns for one, hoping... Read More »

  • Why you should almost never advance the soldier on f7!

    • 7 Reads
    • | 7 Reads

    You know in chess, your entire army works as a team!! But sometimes  a piece rebels against the king. They are out to cause trouble! Either that or they made the wrong move at the wrong time! In this case the f7 pawn made the same mistake! Or the... Read More »

  • Chess tips

    • 2505 Reads
    • | 2505 Reads

    You always want to improve your game. Here are 5 simple and easy chess tips. 1 Attack with all your pieces 2 don't bring out your queen too early 3 Take your time 4 Don't play odd moves to confuse the other player unless you are 100 percent su... Read More »

  • How to teach your child how to play chess

    • 7 Reads
    • | 7 Reads

    If you have a child and you want to teach him/her how to play chess first get him/her intrested in the game. If he/she doesn't want to play don't make him/her. (I"ll say her because I'me a girl).  What you want to do is if she decided to play fir... Read More »

  • Three-Fold Repitition

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    One way to draw a game is to manuvuer into a sitiuation where the same EXACT position is repeated three times. This is called THREE-FOLD REPITITION. It usually happens with PERPETUAL CHECK. That means one side keeps checking the other side and nei... Read More »