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  • 7 Faces Chess Players Make When Losing

    One thing nearly all chess players have in common is that they hate to lose. Losing, while it might be good for our long-term chess development, is a short-term disaster for our ego. Unlike games such as Monopoly or poker, luck is not even a t... | Read More

  • Tactics Or Positional Play? The Ladies Teach Chess

    I’ve long insisted that the best way to improve (aside from playing stronger players) is to look at reams of master games. Most games between titled players have some important lesson hiding behind the moves, and I decided to make it easy fo... | Read More

  • Women In Chess: Be Aggressive

    The recent Women's World Championship was a fascinating event. You could find everything we love about chess competitions: neat combinations, unpredictable results (will we ever forget Natalia Pogonina's amazing comebacks in almost every single ma... | Read More

  • Surprise Your Opponent!

    The Benko Gambit is one of the most popular openings among club players. It is indeed very appealing to grab the initiative early in the game playing Black against your opponent who likes to play positional chess. Why do I assume that your oppon... | Read More

  • 14 Famous Chess Couples

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    • Yearbook of Chess Wisdom: Don't Miss It!

      Publisher: Chess Evolution, 2016Author: Peter ZhdanovEdition: Paperback mediumPages: 376Language: EnglishPrice:€ 24.95ISBN: 978-83-937009-7-4 In this book the author addresses 366 (one for each day of the year) intriguing chess topics which c... | Read More

    • the style of mariya muzychuk.

      hi all w'll talk this day about mariya muzychuk and his style of playing first of all mariya muzychuk born in 21 september 1992 .in mars avril 2015 she becam a world women chompion wining natalia pogonina.and after this win she have the title of ... | Read More

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    • Advanced Rook Endgames: Techniques You Must Know and Some Just for Fun!

      It has been said (and I agree) that the main difference between non-titled players and titled players is the found in the transition between different parts of the game. There are four different phases of a chess game: The Opening: Piece develop... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Sep 23, 2015
    • Chess Structures in Practice - The Ruy Lopez

      I write this blog to share some of the ideas from my book Chess Structures, published earlier this year. Each blog posts expands upon some of the concepts shown in my book, by analying a recent game amont strong players. The following game is on... | Read More


      Final - game four   The final game of the final match: would a champion be hailed, or would the Comeback Queen strike again? Pogonina certainly understood how desperate her situation was, and the opening had to have had silent cries of... | Read More

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      • | May 25, 2015

  • Pogonina, Natalia

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    Natalia Pogonina (born on March 9, 1985) is one of the best female chess players in the world. Woman Grandmaster (WGM), three-times European champion (U16, twice U18), bronze prize winner at the World Championship (U18) and European Women Champi... Read More »