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  • What's Your Chess Personality?

    There are 64 squares on a chessboard, and many more ways to play the game. We all know the styles of the great world champions: Fischer's relentless accuracy, Petrosian's impregnable defense, Karpov's clean and positional chess, Kasparov's sheer... | Read More

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    • Computer > Books

       Guys, I just want to say that chess books are very helpful. They can show tactics, openings, and common endgames. However, I feel that purchasing a membership does the job. For only $100/$50 a year, you can receive many features. Firs... | Read More

    • My Path to FM - Part 2 - The Motivation

      In part 1 I explained a little bit about my great year in 2013 that earned me the NM title.  After getting the title and not having much more to aspire to, I started playing 'just for fun', which is fine, but it means not studying that hard off ... | Read More

      • ih8sens
      • | Jan 28, 2016
    • does points allow us to get diamond membership at certain level?

      i have heard that 10,000 points allow you to become a premium member of is it true? thanks in advance :) | Read More

    • Where's Captain Pike?

      Hello, everyone, and thanks to all who left me kind notes inquiring about my well being. I'd like to give an update on what's going on with me. Many who have expressed concern and the many members to my neglected groups deserve at least that much ... | Read More

    • How to Generate a PGN File Containing Game Annotations Within

      One of the keys to chess improvement is the habit to analyse your own games (see image, published by Chessbase). Those who do this will sometimes want to share their work with others, or just save it for future reference. The most universal file f... | Read More

      • Schemato
      • | Nov 17, 2015