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    • How the Nocturnal Knight wins by force.

      To continue my famous series of openings that win by force, I decided to show you guys (and girls) an opening that I discovered and you've probably guessed, it wins by force. The opening starts off with the premoves: 1.Na3 2.c3, 3.Nc2 4.Rb1 5.Na1.... | Read More

      • canwedoit
      • | Oct 12, 2016
    • The lucky premove: Breaking 2000 in bullet!

      I finally broke 2000 in bullet! This is the game, with a "bullet tactic" winning the game for me: He timed out here.  Always remember to be cautious of premoves, the "lucky premove" can save many games for you if your opponents are too careles... | Read More

    • Tales of a Bullet Player, Part 2

      My last blog about bullet aroused quite a bit of interest. With over 800 reads and 9 comments in less than 24 hours, it seems that I have aroused enough interest to make it worthwile to continue blogging about my journey to 2350. One of the comme... | Read More

    • Cheaters, Laggers And 42nd Medal...

      What a crazy chess day! Played some cheaters in the first tourney (they shew perfectly right play in very complicated and sharp openings, made their moves lightning fast), played with some laggers (was losing on time even making two and more premo... | Read More

    • Unless Code is being manipulated, There is no such thing as Cheating on

      I Congratulate for this wonderful platform upon which to play games.  Nonetheless, I have noticed many comments from  individuals claiming to have been cheated and accusing other players of cheating.  It should be noted that the Comme... | Read More