queens gambit accepted

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  • The Enigmatic Grandmaster

    Grandmaster Mark Paragua from the Philippines is not a household name. But he is a very strong and solid GM who can be a dangerous opponent for anyone. The next remarkable game played by Mark both fascinates and...

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  • The Queens Gambit

    Queens Gambit The Queen’s Gambit is probably the most popular gambit and although most gambits are said to be unsound against perfect play the queen’s gambit is said to be the exception. After 1. d4 1…d5, white...

  • The Black Diemar Gambit (accepted)

    I want to go over a very aggressive opening from white, that isn't played very much at master level, but sub 2000, it works well for a couple of reasons. First, it gets people out of memorized lines fast, so it...

  • What's the Best Chess Game You Ever Played?

    What is your favorite chess game that you ever played? Please send it to me, because I'm compiling a "Best Games Collection for the Rest of Us" (which is emerging below). The idea initially struck me because I decided...

  • Mission accomplished..

    Hello all! , I am very happy now as I am now awarded as a top blogger of chess.com! I got reply from chess.com staff: Great! I’ve made you a top blogger!. Very thanks chess.com. For considering me a top blogger....

  • Alekhine's Opening Tastes

    Chessbase Master Class Volume 3 on Alekhine contains an excellent opening survey by GM Dorian Rogozenco.   He covers the ideas introduced by Alekhine in the opening. Specificallly French Defence as White, playing...


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