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  • Are You A Giant Of Positional Chess?

    In our article last year, we talked about how to improve your positional chess. Today, I want to give you an opportunity to test your strategic skills. The game we'll use for our quiz is quite remarkable. Anatoly Karpov is... | Read More

  • The Touch-Move Rule Outbreak

    At the end of last week's article I mentioned that "recently we witnessed a real outbreak of touch-move rule violations." I think we can explain this phenomenon by a huge advance in modern technology and particularly devices... | Read More

  • Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames

    Everyone’s had the unfortunate experience of playing an opposite-colored bishop ending. Like a mirage, you never know how they got there, and you definitely didn’t intend on it. Nevertheless, they have arrived. These mirages don’... | Read More

  • A Straight Flush In Chess

    Last week's article caused a significant response and dispute. It looks like our readers were split into two camps based on their viewpoints of the importance of classical games. Our member kingcobra07 summarized the standpoi... | Read More

  • Are You A Chess Expert? Take Our Quiz

    You definitely like chess. But are you an expert? No, I am not talking about the USCF title you get when your USCF rating is above 2000 but less than 2200 (which is the master title). You can be a USCF expert but not a true expert of chess and v... | Read More

    • Chess Quiz Answers

      Hello everyone. Here is the answers to my recently posted chess quiz. If you haven't already, please look at the question post here.    64  32  9 per side, but you cannot have 18  When a player has no legal move, but is not in check  Time... | Read More

    • Chess Quiz

      Hello everyone. This is a simple 10 question chess quiz for all levels of players. They get progressively more difficult. The answers will be posted on a separate post, so it is preferable is you open this one first.   How many squares are on a... | Read More

    • New Free HQ Quiz online competition!(With Prizes)

      Hey everyone! If you haven't read my blogs about chess.clinic you should! In my 2nd blog about it, I mentioned quiz competitions, right?! Well one started about a week ago, but you have to be a chess.clinic member to do it! Javier posts and update... | Read More

    • New Free HQ Online Quiz Competition

      (Please note: in order to be able to take part in the competition, you must join our group first: https://www.chess.com/groups/home/chess-clinic ) This is a new HIGH QUALITY tactics chess quiz COMPETITION that I've just made for this group. It... | Read More

      • KID_Harish
      • | Aug 18, 2016
    • Want to Improve your Chess, and have fun?

      Want to Improve your Chess, and have fun? Well then join chess.clinic! It went to 260 members to 445 members in only a month. How? Simple! People gossiped about the awesome teaching material that IM Javier Gil uses! He and gluestix are the team th... | Read More

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