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  • 7 Reasons To Watch Carlsen vs Nakamura Thursday

    • pete
    • Oct 20, 2016, 4:43 AM

    Attention all chess fans: This is not a drill. This Thursday, Magnus Carlsen faces Hikaru Nakamura for the inaugural Chess.com Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship. It's the match we've all been waiting for,...

  • Which Olympic Sport Is Most Like Chess?

    • pete
    • Aug 16, 2016, 4:38 AM

    The 2016 Summer Olympics are underway right now in Brazil as 207 national delegations compete for medals in 28 sports, 41 different disciplines, and 306 total events. Unfortunately for chess fans, the royal game...

  • 2016 ChessKid Online National Invitational Championships (CONIC): A Preview

    In 2012, the ChessKid Online National Invitational Championship (CONIC) was created to provide young, talented chess players an opportunity to play a round-robin championship at a long time control. The event gradually...

  • A List of One’s Own: The New Top 100 Women Rankings

    • News
    • Jan 29, 2016, 9:08 PM

    By Maret Thorpe. Photo: Tae Moon [Reprinted with permission of the author and US Chess.] “I’m so honored to have made it on to the first iteration of the Top Women Age 50 and Over! I hope these...

  • What's Your Favorite Chess Piece?

    • pete
    • Sep 22, 2014, 1:13 PM

    Before we even play our first game of chess, we learn how the pieces move. The fact that the pieces travel the board in different ways is our first clue that the pieces themselves are not interchangeable. After...

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  • Carlsen, Magnus vs. Karjakin, Sergey

    There is little doubt that Magnus Carlsen has been the best player in the world for many years.  It is only necessary to look at the world rankings to see that. When Carlsen beat Viswanathan Anand to become the...

  • The 4th FIDE Online Grand Prix.

    1. Description 1.1. The 4rd FIDE Online Grand Prix will be held on FIDE Online Arena platform hosted on web address: http://arena.myfide.net  on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016. 2. Participation The players who...

  • A New Journey

    I have recently become a member of GM Nigel Davies' Tiger Chess Course and have just finished my first month.  I have considered Nigel to be a friend for some time now as I see him around the UK chess circuit a...

  • Chess Strategy : Power of Pawn Storm 1

    A PAWN STORM is a chess strategy in which several pawns are moved in rapid succession towards the opponent’s defenses. A pawn storm usually involves adjacent pawns on any one side of the board (king side or queen...

  • Move Over, Magnus!

    19-year-old phenom Magnus Carlsen now sits astride the world rankings at an impressive 2826 after his latest success - an undefeated 7.5-2.5 at the King's Tournament in Rumania this past May (average rating: 2740). Despite...

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