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  • The Curse Of Undefended Pieces

    • IM Silman
    • Jan 11, 2017, 6:20 PM

    Over the years, I’ve looked at tons of games played by low-rated Chess.com members (games by low-rated players are often extremely instructive). In many instances I see undefended pieces on both sides. And,...

  • PRO Chess League Official Rules

    PRO Chess League Rules as of 1/14/2017: A. Eligibility and Team Makeup   A.1. Team rosters A lineup is the four players you are using each match. A roster is the total list of players you have...

  • Who Was The Best World Chess Champion In History?

    What if we had a time machine? What if we could bring all the greatest chess players in history together, removing any advantages of opening theory or other evolved knowledge of our game for a super-tournament? What...

  • Chess.com Fair Play And Cheat-Detection

    • News
    • Dec 30, 2016, 12:03 PM

    Cheating in chess is a serious issue. The issue is magnified online, where there is no arbiter to physically observe play. Chess.com takes fair play and cheat-detection very seriously, and we have since our founding.  We...

  • 7 New Year's Chess Resolutions

    Statistically, just eight percent of people achieve their New Year's resolutions. That doesn't seem so great, but if we all resolve to become grandmasters, maybe eight percent of us can make it.  More...

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  • A painful loss

    Week 2 recap   I managed to finish 228 tactics puzzles in week 2 That was great! My tactics-rating on chess.com did rise from 1604 to 1887.  The puzzles on chess.com is rated a little higher then the ones on chess24.com, but...

  • Thoughts on taking a break from chess

    Photo showing there is more beyond chess.       This is an unplanned idea. Normally I only write tournament report blogs, but I have been thinking a lot about this topic lately and decided to just write off my...

  • Cheating or luck?

    Everyone of us has met someone who played like he would using some chess programe... Lets think about it.. Every chess player has good days and bad days. If I use my own experience, there were many days I have lost...

  • Eh... Some Reflections on 2016

    I don’t blog about my reflections often, but I do reflect.  I know some of my friends mostly blog just to reflect, but I like to blog about adventures and travails more than reflections.  Anyways, here is a little...

  • Practice makes patzer - how I went 116 games without improving.

    I'm a bit of a data junky, so understandably I got excited about the announcement of Chess.com's Computer Aggregated Precision Score system. The CAPS system applies a score from zero to 100 percent to a given game,...

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  • Eljanov Ahead of Carlsen, So At Tata Steel

    Also during the first rest day Pavel Eljanov will be the sole leader of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. Today the Ukrainian grandmasters defeated Baskaran Adhiban. He finds Wesley So and Magnus Carlsen,...

  • Chess Stars Clash In PRO Rivalry Week

    If you see two neighboring dots in the map above, chances are they're going head-to-head in week two of the PRO Chess League. It's rivalry week, and it begins tomorrow. The clashes may not be El Clásico yet,...

  • Inspired By Karjakin, Carlsen Gets 1st Tata Steel Win

    Copying Sergey Karjakin's remarkable 6.a3 in the Najdorf, Magnus Carlsen scored a good win today versus Radoslaw Wojtaszek in round two of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. Pentala Harikrishna won...

  • Carlsen vs So Kicks Off Tata Steel Chess

    The 79th Tata Steel Chess Tournament will have a dream start and finish. Magnus Carlsen's first opponent will be Wesley So, who had such a great second half of 2016. In the last round the world champion will...

  • MVL Perfect, Leads Migraines To PRO Week 1 Win

    In an action-packed season opener, the powerhouse board ones proved their worth. Four out of four scores from GMs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Li Chao and 3.5 and 3 points from GMs Wesley So and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (who...


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