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  • Should You Gamble In Chess?'s Thumbnail

    Should You Gamble In Chess?

    GM Gserper May 27, 2017, 4:16 AM

    Many chess tournaments have taken place in casinos, and many famous grandmasters have left the lion's share of their prizes at the playing tables. I personally know a guy who won a good prize in the Knock-Out World...

  • Кako postaviti šahovsku ploču's Thumbnail

    Кako postaviti šahovsku ploču

    CHESScom Mar 10, 2017, 11:01 PM

    Ako imaš šahovski komplet i želiš započeti s igrom, najprije trebaš pravilno postaviti ploču. 1. korak: Postavi ploču tako da je svjetlo polje u donjem desnom kutu.Važno je ploču ispravno...

  • Who Was The Best World Chess Champion In History?'s Thumbnail

    Who Was The Best World Chess Champion In History?

    IM DanielRensch Jan 3, 2017, 10:12 AM

    What if we had a time machine? What if we could bring all the greatest chess players in history together, removing any advantages of opening theory or other evolved knowledge of our game for a super-tournament? What...

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  • ChessCenter: Magnus Makes News's Thumbnail

    ChessCenter: Magnus Makes News

    ChessCenter May 12, 2017, 1:05 AM

    Magnus Carlsen is all over the news lately, with a star-studded event covered by Chess.com and a surprise win in Titled Tuesday. Let the ChessCenter team tell you all about the most important news in chess, including...

  • 4 Exercises to Become A Tactical Genius: Part 2's Thumbnail

    4 Exercises to Become A Tactical Genius: Part 2

    IM dpruess Mar 22, 2016, 12:41 PM

    Have you ever wondered how to improve your recognition of tactics in your own games? IM David Pruess has just the exercise for you. Join him as he show you all the tactical elements to pay attention to, and how...

  • Hou Yifan's Big Queen Sacrifice's Thumbnail

    Hou Yifan's Big Queen Sacrifice

    IM djgwards Feb 24, 2017, 7:42 AM

    Hou Yifan made a lot of news in Gibraltar, but maybe not enough news was devoted to this incredible game she played. It might even be the game of the tournament. IM Teddy Coleman presents! Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  • Kokogem.com Unveiled 2017 Collection of Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings's Thumbnail

    Kokogem.com Unveiled 2017 Collection of Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

    findtaps Jun 21, 2017, 11:04 PM

    Kokogem.com, an online jewellery store, recently launched their latest and exclusive collection of wedding rings and Morganite engagement rings. USA, 22st June Kokogem.com, an e-store that designs, crafts and sells...

  • The Long Walk's Thumbnail

    The Long Walk

    Time4Sandwiches Jun 21, 2017, 10:20 PM

    Drifting in and out of conciousness. On a black planar level and running up to this foreign land.     Fraught with red geysers that drip lava and shoot molten, the coarsing of hot fire beneath.  --And then...a hot...

  • Chess Titles!'s Thumbnail

    Chess Titles!

    njacobson Jun 15, 2017, 7:34 PM

    Hello there! If you are new to chess or chess.com I am sure you have seen those funny little red letters... what do they mean?!?!?!?!? Well I am here to show you! The following chart has them listed from least to...

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